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Uncompromising commitment to Christ and Scripture.

We are the faculty of The Master’s University. Together, we are dedicated to the sufficiency, inerrancy, and authority of God’s inspired Word — from Genesis to Revelation. We affirm and teach every point of TMU’s doctrinal statement, which has remained fundamentally unchanged since the institution was formed in 1927. In every respect, our mission and our educational philosophy are rooted in Scripture.

Our faculty contains about 50 full-time members across 6 schools (excluding the School of Online). Most faculty hold a Ph.D. or equivalent terminal degree, and we all reaffirm our commitment to Christ and Scripture every year in writing. Our absolute doctrinal unity is unique among Christian universities, creating a level of camaraderie and educational consistency found nowhere else.

School of Biblical Studies

Todd Bolen - Professor of Biblical Studies

Abner Chou - Interim President, John F. MacArthur Endowed Fellow

John D. Street - Chair, Graduate Program of Biblical Counseling

J. Gregory Behle - Professor of Christian Education

William C. Varner - Professor of Biblical Studies & Greek

Thomas A. Halstead - Dean, School of Biblical Studies Professor of New Testament & Greek

Stuart Scott - Professor, Graduate Program of Biblical Counseling

Jason Beals - Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies

Greg E. Gifford - Associate Professor of Biblical Counseling

Shelbi L. Cullen - Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Women's Ministries

John Black - IBEX Professor

Pearl C. Schaffer School of Education

Jordan Morton - Associate Professor and Dean, Pearl C. Schaffer School of Education

Cindy Hallman - Associate Professor of Education

Matthew Brown - Associate Professor of Education

John P. Stead School of Humanities

John Stead - Professor of History & Political Studies

Jeffrey A. Jensen - Associate Professor of History

Esther Chua - Chairperson, Department of English, Assistant Professor of English

Grant Horner - Professor of Renaissance and Reformation Studies

Kurt Hild - Professor of English

Jo Suzuki - Associate Professor of English

Clyde P. Greer, Jr. - Chairperson, Department of History and Political Studies Professor of History

Gregg L. Frazer - Dean, John P. Stead School of Humanities, and Professor of History & Political Studies

School of Music

Paul T. Plew - Dean, Paul T. Plew School of Music, Professor of Choral Studies

Ruta Bloomfield - Associate Professor of Music

Lauren Mason - Assistant Professor of Music Piano, Pedagogy, and Music Theory

Sarah Dixon - Director of Vocal Studies

Ben Mason - Director of Instrumental Studies, Music Composition & Audio Production

Kenneth Mays - Professor Emeritus, Piano

Ian Vo - Adjunct Faculty, Saxophone

Sam Rotman - Guest Faculty, PIano

Scott Weber - Adjunct Faculty, Audio Technology

Mark Converse - Adjunct Faculty, Percussion

Maciej Flis - Adjunct Faculty, Bassoon

Gary Woodward - Adjunct Faculty, Flute

John Hester - Adjunct Faculty, String Bass

Janet Crouch Shulman - Adjunct Faculty, Cello & Alexander Technique

Robert Berg - Adjunct Faculty, Viola

Michael Ferril - Adjunct Faculty, Violin

Tavi Jinariu - Adjunct Faculty, Guitar

Kellie Cunningham - Adjunct Faculty, Pedagogy

Joseph Jackson - Adjunct Faculty, Tuba

Gary Kuo - Adjunct Faculty, Composition

Eric Carampatan - Adjunct Faculty, Voice

Preston Shepard - Adjunct Faculty, Horn

Shaniee Kennedy - Adjunct Faculty, Clarinet

School of Business & Communication

Michael Forgerson - Professor of Business Administration

Kevin Hill - Adjunct Professor of Business Administration

R.W. Mackey, II - Professor of Business Administration

Dwight D. Ham - Chairperson, Department of Business Administration, Associate Professor of Business Administration

Todd Kostjuk - Adjunct Professor of Business Administration

Bob Dickson - Chairperson, Communication Department Associate Professor of Communication

Julie Larson - Professor of Communication

Matt Green - Associate Professor of Communication

John Beck - Dean, School of Business and Communication; Associate Professor of Business and Communication Chairperson, Marketing Media

Wayne Rasmussen - Chairperson, New Program Development Associate Professor of Business Administration

Geoffrey Branda - Assistant Professor of Business

Michael Chrzanowski - Adjunct Faculty

Robert Taylor - Assistant Professor of Business

Peter Shickle - Adjunct Faculty

Jefferson Henson - Assistant Professor, Marketing Media

Tricia Hulet - Adjunct Faculty, Theatre Arts, Production Techniques & Stage Training

Laura Tagliere - Adjunct Faculty

John Russell - Adjunct Faculty, Business

Paul Butler - Adjunct Faculty, Business

Kimberly Wilson - Adjunct Faculty, Business

Katie Hawkins - Adjunct Faculty, Business

School of Science, Mathematics, Technology & Health

John S. Eickemeyer - Professor, Computer Science

David R. Larsen - Chairperson, Department of Kinesiology & Physical Education Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Physical Education

Jonathan Skaar - Assistant Professor of Kinesiology & Physical Education

Michael Button - Chairperson, Department of Mathematics

Joe Francis - Chairperson, Department of Biological and Physical Sciences, Dean, School of Science, Mathematics, Technology & Health, and Professor of Biology

Ross S. Anderson - Professor of Biochemistry

Michael Kornoff - Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Matthew McLain - Associate Professor of Biology and Geology

Dawn Okonowski - Assistant Professor, Biological and Physical Sciences

David T. Crater - Chair & Associate Professor, Engineering & Computer Science

Monica Vroman - Visiting Professor of Computer Science

Joey Kim - Assistant Professor, Biological and Physical Sciences

Carl Roske - Adjunct Faculty

Dhon Wellons - Adjunct Faculty, Adapted Physical Education

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