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The Master’s University invites students considering admission for Fall 2018 to begin the application process now.

The admissions committee carefully works with every applicant through every step, ensuring that The Master’s University is indeed the right school for you. There is application paperwork to complete, but let us help do it with you - from walking through the application package with you, to helping you with financial aid requests, making helpful recommendations, to welcoming you on campus. We want you to experience the world-class standards of TMU from the first step.

We look forward to meeting you!

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The Master’s University equips young Christian men and women for spiritual service and leadership - in their careers, in their homes, and through their ministries. Every class we teach and every degree we confer stand on the foundation of God’s Word. Our students acquire knowledge from a Biblical perspective, filtering everything they learn through the lens of God’s Word. In other words, they gain wisdom to serve and wisdom to lead.

“I saw firsthand what TMU had done for my brother academically, athletically and spiritually. So, choosing TMU myself became an easy decision.” - Jason Karkenny (‘17)

Experience Master's First-hand: Upcoming Events

The things that make The Master’s University so special can’t be experienced on your computer....You’ve got to see it for yourself! Our beautiful, ranch-style campus nestled in the Southern-California canyon (just 30 miles from Los Angeles) can be experienced via a personal visit for a custom tour, a group visit with your family and friends, or in one of the many open-days. Let us know when you are coming, we're excited to welcome you!

March 22-23, 2018

February 19, 2018

April 9, 2018

Schedule a visit any time.

With you every step of the way: Meet your Admissions Counselor

Our admissions counselors are amazing! You want a life-changing TMU education, so we make sure your counselor will guide you along through every step of the way to get there. Your counselor is knowledgeable in all areas of the university, so can provide you with fast, insightful, practical help. Select your state to see who your counselor is - and you can even watch their intro video to learn more about them.
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Application Deadlines

Extended Early Application: Celebrating the NEW tuition structure, we extend the application fee waiver and provide you and early admissions decision.
DEC 15, 2017
PRIORITY DECISION: Receive full consideration for the Fall 2018 semester
FEB 23, 2018
ROLLING ADMISSIONS: We continue to accept applications but cannot guarantee consideration for Fall 2018
After FEB 23, 2018
“And then,” she said, “I went to IBEX.” - Madi Cole (‘18) talks about her semester in Israel


  • question_answerWhat are TMU’s admission requirements?keyboard_arrow_down
    1. Faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior
    2. High school graduate, GED, or California High School Proficiency Exam
    3. Application
    4. Pastor Recommendation
    5. Personal Statements
    6. SAT/ACT Scores
    7. High school and or college transcripts
    8. Application Fee: $40 (waived during Early Action)
  • question_answerWhat kind of financial aid is offered at TMU?keyboard_arrow_down

    The important thing to know here is that a TMU education is a LOT more affordable than you think. We offer federal, state, institutional aid in the form of grants, loans, need based and merit based scholarships, and work study programs. Most of our students (93% at last count) receive some form of financial – why not you? The average TMU student receives over $20,000 in financial aid each year. Just make sure to get your application in early and to submit your FAFSA!

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