Course Highlights

LS351 Molecular Genetics

A lecture course that covers nucleic acid structure, replication, and metabolism. The course focuses particular attention on various aspects regarding the regulation of gene expression both in prokaryotes and eukaryotes, including examinations of epigenetic factors involved in gene regulation. Additionally, attention is given to the theory and underlying principles for many of the popular techniques used in studying DNA/RNA, gene regulation, and expression.

LS361 Immunology

Topics include the adaptive and innate immune systems and cell biology of cells and tissues involved in immunity, immunogenetics, antibody structure-function, immunotechniques, complement, autoimmunity, tolerance, and tumor immunology.

LS388 Mathematical Ecology

Organisms in dynamic relationships to their ecosystems over successive generations are studied in the context of mathematical models. Principles of ecology are interwoven throughout the course. This is the first course of a series in mathematical biology.