Emphasis Courses

POL325 Political Parties & Elections 

American political parties: their history, structure, operation, and impact on the American electoral process.

POL333 The Presidency 

A study of the presidency and various schools of thought concerning the president’s role and powers. Particular attention is paid to the constitutional presidency view vs. the modern presidency view.

POL334 Congress 

A study of the United States Congress; its members, functions, and procedures; and its relationship with other elements of the governmental system and processes.

POL336 Political Communication

A study of the various media and their impact on politics. Particular emphasis on television, political cartoons, and propaganda.

POL353 U.S. Diplomatic History

A survey of U.S. foreign relations events, policies, and policy-makers from the colonial era to the present. Geopolitics since WWII receives extra emphasis to facilitate an understanding of the context for contemporary international relations.

POL466 The Federalist Papers 

An in-depth study of the seminal work of American political thought, The Federalist Papers.