Course Highlights

BTH336 Theology of God

An in-depth study of God, including His nature, attributes, and triunity. Key aspects of Christology and Pneumatology are also explored.

BTH354 Biblical Theology & Prolegomena

An introduction to theology which explores how the Bible fits together. This course includes a look into the continuity and discontinuity of the Old and New Testaments and tracing the themes of the biblical storyline through progressive revelation.

BTH373 Historical Theological Issues

A survey of crucial theological issues as they pertain to key periods within church history. This course includes discussions of doctrinal issues connected to the church fathers, major church councils, the Reformation, and contemporary theology.

BTH425 Theology of End Times

An in-depth study of the Scriptures’ bearing on the Rapture, the coming of Christ and the Millennial Kingdom. This course also covers an evaluation of hermeneutics and various positions on eschatology.

BTH437 Man, Sin, and Salvation

An in-depth study of the creation, characteristics, and composition of human nature, the origin and nature of sin, and the doctrine of salvation, including the atonement, election, regeneration, justification, sanctification, and perseverance.