Old Testament Survey I & II (3 units each) B101 & B102

An introduction to the entire Old Testament, employing both thematic and exegetical methods. Literary structure, historical background, and parallel passages are also utilized to discover the unique and priceless lessons of each book. The Fall semester surveys Genesis through Samuel, and the Spring semester covers Kings through Malachi.

Elementary Greek I BL301

Designed for beginners in Greek; includes a thorough study of the pronunciation and acquisition of a working vocabulary and exercises in translation from Greek to English, as well as from English to Greek. Translation of selected passages of the Greek New Testament.

Christian Theology I & II (BTH321 & 322)

A survey of Christian theology in the areas of God (Theology Proper), the Bible (Bibliology), angels—including Satan and demons—(Angelology), Christ (Christology), and the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology).

Theological Issues in Missions BMS408

This class will survey the biblical foundation for evangelization of the nations by looking at the cross-cultural accounts and commands in the Old and New Testaments. In addition, comparison studies will be conducted demonstrating the core soteriology of major world religions and worldviews. Further study will address significant theological issues related to contemporary mission methodology. The student will participate as both learner and teacher as a unique design feature of this course.

Essentials of Christian Thought B121

This course is designed to provide the proper framework to thinking biblically via exploration of inerrancy, hermeneutics, and worldview. Students will begin to form a conviction about the nature of God’s Word, how it should be interpreted, and that every part of life and existence must be informed by truth. This sets up the importance of the education at The Master’s University in its entire curriculum, both G.E. and major courses, and helps every student understand how Christian thought builds the church and makes an eternal impact.

New Testament Survey I & II (B201 & 202)

An introduction to the books of the New Testament, with special emphasis on the life, teachings, and redemptive work of Christ; the founding and growth of the church; and the teachings of the epistles and Revelation. On the basis of the biblical text, parallel readings, projects, and lectures, the events and messages of the New Testament will be portrayed against their historical and cultural setting. The Fall semester surveys the Gospels and Acts, while the Spring semester is devoted to the Epistles and Revelation.