Course Highlights

BCE313 Introduction to Christian Education/Ministries

A survey of the educational program of the local church with attention given to the philosophy, principles, and practice of Christian education for all age levels, as well as various ministries of the church, including youth, outreach, teaching, family, counseling, etc.

BMN313 Dynamics of Christian Living

This course is designed to help people understand the truth of the Christian life from its beginning, which is regeneration, to its completion when we enter heaven. We will discuss the context within which our lives and experiences take place, the nature of faith and idolatry as ruling “voices” motivating and controlling our behavior, how to understand and respond to being sinned against, and how to build a biblical framework for defining and dealing with sin – our own and others. Other topics include the deceptive character of sin, the gospel foundation for all obedience, some alternative views for the Christian life, and the biblical function and purpose of the church as well as the role of each Christian in the church.

BC340 Marriage & Family

Marriage and family problems are present in the majority of counseling cases. This course will give an overview of general marriage and family counseling issues relating to the content and process of counseling. It will then proceed to specifically deal (from a biblical perspective) with the major difficulties that troubled marriages and families experience. Included in the course are discussions of the biblical basis and purposes of marriage, family stages, in-law problems, developing unity, husband/wife roles and responsibilities, correcting communication problems, why conflicts arise, and how to resolve them.

BMN300 Ministry Internship

Supervised on-site instruction in the field of some aspect of church ministry for a maximum of two semesters.