Course Highlights

BMS302 Field Internship

Students work with the professor to arrange for an internship in an international setting to work among the student’s target population. The managing host will mentor and evaluate the student as the student interacts in cross-cultural settings, including but not limited to home management, education, hospitality, business, and government interactions, and community relationships. Emphasis will be placed on the student’s cross-cultural, spiritual, and vocational growth, as well as his/her strengths and weaknesses.

BMS312 Global Outreach

A practical training course focusing on the preparation of those students participating in the summer missions program. Topics include cross-cultural ministry, dealing with culture shock, evangelism, travel requirements, and a specific country study (economics, history, traditions, politics, and ministries). This course may only be taken one time for credit.

BMS313 Urban Ministries

This course is designed to acquaint students with the dynamics of inner-city ministry by developing a biblical theology of church ministry, investigating how principles of missions are implemented in urban churches within the greater Los Angeles area, and evaluating the effectiveness of urban ministries that emphasize an Incarnational model of ministry.

BMS337 Cross-Cultural Church Planting Practicum

Consideration of the biblical mandates given for establishing God’s church among the ethne will provide the framework for this course. Particular topics investigated will include recognizing the unique characteristics of a culture, consideration of unexpected opportunities and obstacles to establishing a nationally led church, and the process of evangelism, discipleship, and raising up of national leadership.

BMS346 Cultural Anthropology

This course is an introduction to cultural anthropology to assist students in developing the skills to personally acquire an accurate understanding of various cultures through exposure to field methods of studying, describing, analyzing, and applying culture. Subject matter will be addressed from a biblical worldview to understand and discern the process of culture research and personal communication in another culture. Some of the topics to be addressed will include language, kinship, relationships, daily life patterns, education, and rituals.

BMS364 Gospel, Culture, and Vocation

This course will survey the biblical foundation for evangelization of the nations by looking at the cross-cultural accounts and commands in the Old and New Testaments. In addition, contemporary methods of evangelism will be investigated. Further study will address significant theological issues related to the Reformation doctrine of vocation and its implications for discerning God’s will, selection of an academic discipline, career placement, and stewardship of employment opportunities for gospel witness. The student will participate as both learner and teacher as a unique design feature of this course.

BMS385 Evangelism and World Religions

A study of major non-Christian religious systems in the world. The claims of each will be compared with the absolute truth and adequacy of biblical faith.