Sample Courses

Methods of Biblical Change — BC503

This course provides an overview of the counseling process, presenting a comprehensive methodological model for promoting biblical change in people. The goal of this course is to encourage biblical thinking and procedures in the process of helping people.

Hermeneutics — BC531

This course is an advanced examination of the science and art of interpretation, with special attention given to the application of Scripture to counseling. Various interpretive approaches on key scriptural passages will be examined, especially as they relate to the biblical counselor and his task.

Biblical Conflict Reconciliation — BC560

This course is designed to help the student think biblically about conflict and how to biblically counsel interpersonal conflicts in a way that glorifies the Lord (1 Cor. 10:31). In particular, the graduate student will be taught how to exposit several key passages of Scripture that are appropriate to conflict and apply them to difficult situations in a very practical and life-changing way.

Applied Soul Care I — BC592

This is part one of a supervised and evaluated internship, consisting of at least two actual counseling sessions per week and a total of 25 hours of counseling. Assistance will be provided for the student in obtaining counseling opportunities.