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Cinema & Digital Arts, B.A. in Communication

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The Master’s University’s Cinema and Digital Arts (CDA) program aims to equip students with the tools needed to compete in the evolving world of mass media. Our program is unique in that it teams’ students alongside industry professionals, allowing them to create productions on par with the entertainment industry.

Cinema and Digital Arts is distinctive because of its approach in training the next generation of artists in a Christ-focused environment. We recognize God as the ultimate creative force, and we endeavor to reflect and communicate this throughout the program.

The CDA program has created award-winning film productions that have received industry notoriety and have been distributed on platforms like UPtv. Our location in Southern California allows us access to industry professionals working in various areas of media, securing noted guest speakers, and prime internships.

Our course offerings provide a conceptual and practical experience as well as world-class professional training and equipment. Students graduate from the program possessing a combination of knowledge and real-world practical application concerning pursuing their vocation (including credited, quality productions that can be used on resumes and production reels).

Over 60% of our alumni work in the broad spectrum of media, including YouTube, Film production, TV production, Church media, and Business marketing and media.

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Potential Careers

  • Producer

  • Director

  • Graphic Designer

  • Audio/Video Director

  • Public Relations

  • Film/TV Editor

  • Screenwriter

  • Film Critic

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Core Courses

C202 Film History
C231 Digital Video Editing I
Video Production I and II
C321 Screenwriting I
C322 The Business of Film
C401 Directing
C402 Film Production
C472 Rhetorical Criticism
C404 Graphic Design II
C436 Christianity and Film
C442 Computer Visual Effects II
C480 Digital Photography
B121 Essentials of Christian Thought
Old Testament Survey I and II
New Testament Survey I and II
Christian Theology I and II
MU190 Essentials of Music & Art
P311 Essentials of Philosophy

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