About the School of Business and Communication

Department of Business Administration

Dr. Dwight D. Ham, Chairperson

Business Administration is a profession practiced by managers who solve problems and make decisions in the process of leading and guiding an organizational unit in its efforts to achieve an inherent goal or objective. Organizational activities are measured for their effectiveness (the degree to which organizational goals are accomplished) and for their efficiency (the cost in resources used to achieve these goals). In the Business Administration Department, studies develop from a common viewpoint that all truth is of God. Therefore, as led by the Spirit, the student will search for truth to be applied with wisdom to the glory and honor of God.

Students with a major in Business Administration will study the fundamentals of management theory together with the “tools” used by modern management practitioners; will explore modern theories, concepts, and principles of management and administration; will apply the lessons learned to contemporary management situations; and will be encouraged to develop an appreciation for contemporary literature in the dynamic field of business administration.

Department of Communication

Dr. Robert Dickson, Chairperson

The Department of Communication seeks to identify and develop the spiritual gifts of students to comprehend and communicate truth through an ever-changing array of media platforms and opportunities. In this way, communication students become shrewd discerners and powerful proclaimers for God’s glory.

Courses in the Department of Communication emphasize the theory and practice of communication, cultivate creativity and entrepreneurial acumen, and offer hands-on experience in specific professional fields such as broadcast, print, and electronic journalism, creative writing, editing, graphic design, photography, cinematography, video production, short and feature film making, theatre arts, and multi-media storytelling. Students majoring in communication lay a foundation for careers in all forms of professional content creation, including professional writing and broadcasting, journalism, editing, video production, video editing, directing, radio production and podcasting, graphic design, photography, advertising, mission-field and church-related multi-media production, as well as teaching and law

Department of Entrepreneurship

Dr. John C. Beck, Chairperson

Entrepreneurial firms generate economic growth and prosperity wherever they are found. They are responsible for half of all global productivity. They comprise 95% of businesses overall and they create between 60-90% of all new jobs. Through business ownership, believers find a platform to communicate the character of Christ. They also find a platform to proclaim the Gospel, intentionally supporting the mission of Christ through the local church. The Entrepreneurship department at The Master’s University exists to equip marketplace ministers who want to start and grow commercial ventures for the glory of God.

Department of Sport Management

Dr. Wayne Rasmussen, Chairperson

Sport Management is a profession that is built on knowledge, experience, and enduring relationships. Sport managers and leaders are professionals who prevent problems, solve problems when they occur, all while they plan and create special sporting experiences towards the common goal of making such experiences very memorable. Sport and sporting endeavors hold a very special and unique place in cultures the world over and as a result this fact creates the opportunity and privilege to do relationship which in turn creates opportunities to share the good news of the Gospel.

Towards these stated ends students will gain a strong base of knowledge through foundational courses such as Introduction to Sport Management, History/Sociology & Psychology of Sport, and Sport Ethics as well as through a strong portfolio of upper division classes including some of which are Legal Aspects of Sport, Event Management, and Data Analytics with the major core culminating in the capstone course experience of Leadership and Human Dynamics in Sport. Practical management and leadership skills will be further developed through mentorship with the professors and guest lecturers, as well as through internship experience(s) where knowledge gained can be practically applied in real world settings. Throughout the undergraduate experience students will be trained in what it means to be a professional in the sporting industry and they will develop a strong network of relationships in preparation for their future career callings. This in turn will create incarnational opportunities in the sporting marketplace for our graduates to share the hope of their Christian faith.


Minor in Accounting
A minor in Accounting is offered to students not majoring in business but who wish to develop a marketable skill.

Minor in Business Administration
A minor in Business Administration is offered to students not majoring in business but who desire a basic understanding of the process of people working together to achieve common goals. This administrative process is known as management and is recommended for a student preparing for any career requiring administrative responsibilities.

Minor in Communication
Available for students who are completing a major in another department at The Master’s University. The minor in Communication includes the three required courses listed below, plus five electives chosen from the Communication Department course offerings

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