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B.A. in Marketing Media

The School of Business & Communication For Christ & Scripture Since 1927

Students are required to complete 30 Business Core units, 30 Communication Core units, 31 General Education units, 21 Bible units, and necessary elective units to a total of 122 units required to graduate.

In this cutting-edge curriculum committed to academic & spiritual growth, here’s what each student can expect:

  • Develop innovative marketing, business, and creative skillsets for in-demand careers.

  • A flexible curriculum that allows students also to be invested in athletics and music, complete studies abroad, and engage in top internship programs.

  • Small class sizes allow for close teacher-student mentorship and a high-level of scholarship.

  • All is done through the biblical lens and includes the option to complete a minor in Biblical Studies.

Marketing Media students gain proficiency in visual design, video editing, social media utilization, and copy-editing, as well as the broad management skillsets in business statistics, consumer behavior, market segmentation, and research. While the business department ranks among the biggest and best institutions in the country, our graduates’ success is credited to uncompromisingly high expectations and the faculty’s commitment to personally instructing their students through a biblical lens. Our professors have served or actively serve as elders, deacons, and pastors; they are experienced in business, ministry, communications, law, and education. We believe there is a robust missional aspect to this degree because marketing is a field that involves interacting with people at all levels of an organization. Our graduates are uniquely and strategically positioned to put the gospel on display through the quality of the work that they do.


Our students’ CPA scores rank above the biggest and best schools in California, taking the #1 ranking among all business programs in California. Ranked top 7% nationally overall, top 5% in marketing, top 3% in finance. The NASBA Report ranked TMU among the top 10 institutions nationwide and ranked us second of similar-sized schools. Ranked top 10 Christian Universities and TOP 15% Colleges with the Best Academics in California (, 2019)

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Be right at home developing meaningful, life-long relationships with like-minded Christians. Students experience a missional, gospel-centered student life both in and out of the classroom. Master’s offers a full range of facilities, resources, services, and discipleship.

A Global Experience 2,500+ TMUS students with around 40% on-campus in undergraduate programs, coming from all around the world and typically including 40 different countries and 40 different states.

A Top-ranked Student Life Rated #2 Nationwide “Most Inspirational” by Wall Street Journal, and “A” Grade by, and ranked #1 “Right Choice” University (Wall Street Journal 2017 & 2018)

A Beautiful Campus 6 residence halls on one of America’s safest ranked campuses, with Santa Clarita consistently ranked one of the nation’s safest cities. Rated Top 10% Nationwide for “Best College Dorms” and “Best College Campuses” (Niche 2020 ranking)

A Community Of Worship 3 chapel services weekly for all faculty, staff, and students. You may already live-stream the service here: Chapel. Additional opportunities for evangelism and community outreach include the Evangelism Club or The Master’s Chorale.

Experience it all for yourself


Southern California: a lively, oak-filled canyon campus close to both the mountains and the beach. Endless career opportunities are nearby, and students can join and serve at any number of recommended local churches. Prospective students and their families are invited to class-visits, 1-to-1 advising, and total-campus experiences year-round.

Study & Serve Abroad

Marketing Media students have the option to study at TMU’s Israel campus, plus a wide range of study locations varying by semester, including GO! and TMU Italy.

Israel Bible Extension (IBEX) GO! Global Outreach TMU Italy

Affordability & Scholarships

We strive to offer students a Christ-centered education within the financial reach of all. We believe in paying less for school, graduating with less debt, and helping students start their careers better prepared for success.

Total Cost Calculator TMU Scholarships Student Career Center Work Study



Since 1927, the mission of The Master’s University is to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth, and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God worldwide.

Alumni & Graduate Degrees

Only 30 miles from all major studios in Los Angeles, TMU is positioned to help students build career and industry relations: Disney (23 miles), Columbia Pictures (31 miles), 20thCentury Fox (29 miles), Paramount Pictures (27 miles), Universal Pictures (23 miles), MGM (28 miles) and more.

Marketing Media majors benefit from access to internships and TMU Career Services, which lead to high demand from satisfied employers for more of our graduates because TMU produces excellent businesspeople.

Companies which hire TMU graduates include KPMG, Oakley Inc, Columbia Sportswear, Clorox Company, Military (USMC), Bank of the West, Joni and Friends, JRW Investing, Deloitte, Hewlett-Packard, Coca-Cola Company, Disney, General Motors, Princess Cruiselines, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Raytheon, and Alexandria Real Estate Equities.

For students pursuing graduate school, TMU’s 95% graduate school acceptance rate means students are very likely to be accepted to the graduate school of their choice. Students may also continue their graduate studies at The Master’s University or at The Master’s Seminary:

TMU Online MBA Master in Biblical Counseling The Master’s Seminary

Business core courses

Must take all 10

  • BUS310 Statistics for Business (Prereq. MA090) (3)

  • BUS320 Business Law (3)

  • BUS330 Business Ethics (3)

  • INB372 International Marketing (3)

  • MGT330 Business Communications (3)

  • MKT350 Marketing Fundamentals (3)

  • MKT361 Marketing Strategies (3)

  • MKT381 Consumer Behavior (3)

  • MKT462 Sales & Customer Service (3)

  • MKT482 Marketing Research (3)

Total units required for Business core courses (30)

Communication core course

Choose 10

  • BUS483 Business Internship (3)

  • C122 Social Media & Communication (3)

  • C132 Podcast Studio (3)

  • C142 Photoshop I 3 C191 Pocket Studio (3)

  • C191 Pocket Studio (3)

  • C201 Digital Photography (3)

  • C211 Mass Communications 3 C231 Digital Video Editing I (3)

  • C231 Digital Video Editing I (3)

  • C232 Digital Video Editing II (prerequisite C231) (3)

  • C311 Video Production I (3)

  • C312 Video Production II (prerequisite C311) (3)

  • C331 Freelance Entrepreneurship (3)

  • C352 Editing I, Principles of Copyediting (3)

  • C368 Fundamentals of Advertising Copywriting (3)

  • C373 Graphic Design I (3)

  • C381 Beginning Public Relations (3)

  • C384 Nonverbal Communications (3)

  • C394 Intro. to Computer Visual Effects (3)

  • C399b Winterim Production (3)

  • C404 Graphic Design II (prerequisite C373) (3)

  • C442 Computer Visual Effects II (prerequisite C394) (3)

  • C452 Editing II, Advanced Copyediting (prerequisite C352) (3)

Total units required for core communication courses (30)

General Education courses

  • E110 English Composition (3)

  • ECN200 Essentials of Econ. & Society (3)

  • H211 Essentials of World History I (3)

  • H212 Essentials of World History II (3)

  • H230 Essentials of U.S. History (3)

  • LS150 Essentials of Biology or GS150 Essentials of Geology 1 LS150L (3)

  • Essentials of Biology Lab or GS150L Essentials of Geology Lab 3 MU190 (1)

  • Essentials of Music & Art (3)

  • POL220 U.S. Government (3)

  • Literature Survey (Choose one* see below) (3)

  • Literature Elective (Choose one* see below ) (3)

    • E211 English Literature

    • E212 English Literature

    • E221 World Literature I

    • E221 World Literature II

    • E231 American Literature I

    • E232 American Literature II

Total general education units required (31)

Bible Courses

  • B121 Essentials of Christian Thought (3)

  • B101 Old Testament Survey I (3)

  • B102 Old Testament Survey II (3)

  • B201 New Testament Survey I (3)

  • B202 New Testament Survey II (3)

  • BTH321 Christian Theology I (3)

  • BTH322 Christian Theology II (3)

Total Bible units required (21)

Degree Checklists

Degree Checklist

Degree Checklist


Program Credits

General Education: 31
Bible: 21
Major Core Courses: 60
Emphasis/Electives: 0-6

Sample Course Offerings:

  • MGT Business Communications
  • C112 Social Media and Communications
  • C231 Digital Video Editing
  • C272 Graphic Design
  • MKT361 Marketing Strategies
  • MKT482 Marketing Research

Career Paths

  • In-House Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Agency Digital Media Specialist
  • In-House Graphic Designer
  • Agency Digital Project Manager
  • Major Courses keyboard_arrow_down
    Course Number Course Name Units
    ECN200 Macroeconomics 3
    ACC302 Accounting For Non Profits Government 3
    ACC210 Accounting Fundamentals I 3
    ACC220 Accounting Fundamentals II 3
    ACC329 Accounting Is Applications 3
    ACC331 Accounting Professional Responsibility 3
    ACC451 Advanced Accounting 3
    BUS490 Advanced Business Seminar Capstone 3
    ACC442 Auditing 3
    MGT330 Business Communications 3
    BUS330 Business Ethics 3
    BUS320 Business Law 3
    MGT422 Business Strategy 3
    MKT381 Consumer Behavior 3
    ACC431 Cost Accounting 3
    MGT321 Decision Science Fundamentals 3
    BUS368 Entrepreneurship 3
    ECN200 Essentials Of Economics Society 3
    FIN440 Finance 3
    FIN332 Financial Services Management 3
    INB311 Global Business Strategies 3
    MGT351 Human Resource Management 3
    BUS399aX Intellectual Property Law Economics 9
    ACC311 Intermediate Accounting I 3
    ACC312 Intermediate Accounting II 3
    INB372 International Business Marketing 3
    INB365 International Economics And Trade 3
    INB361 International Economics Trade 3
    FIN338 Introduction To Risk Management 3
    FIN341 Investments 3
    MGT310 Management Theory 3
    MKT350 Marketing Fundamentals 3
    MKT488 Marketing Internship 3
    MKT482 Marketing Research 3
    MKT361 Marketing Strategy 3
    ECN210 Microeconomics 3
    MGT336 Organizational Communication - Advanced 3
    FIN308 Personal Financial Management 3
    BUS399bX Public International Law 5
    FIN321 Real Estate Principles 3
    MKT462 Sales Customer Service 3
    BUS310 Statistics For Business 3
    ACC462 Tax Accounting II 3
    ACC460 Tax Accounting 3
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