Highlighted Courses

Business Communication (MGT330)

Presents comprehensive coverage of the major concepts and principles of the human communication process and analysis of the various forms of communication used by managers. The media of managerial communication include
verbal delivery, as well as written letters, reports, memoranda, etc.

Marketing and Sales in Sport (MKT372)

This course will cover the marketing and economic issues relating to professional sports teams and leagues, Olympic and World Cup sporting events, as well as intercollegiate sports. Additional attention will be devoted to interscholastic and youth (club) sports. This course will examine the special nature of sport marketing as well as strategic marketing management as it relates to understanding the sport consumer. Market research and data analytics in the sport industry will be studied for their relationship to market segmentation and target marketing as these relate to various sport products and sporting events. Additional attention will be focused on the importance of branding, managing sport brands and the implications for public relations especially as it relates to sponsorship/corporate partnerships, and the important roles of activation and return on investment. The end objective of this course will be to understand and appreciate the key role a study of marketing, quality communication and positive public relations plays in the effective operation of sports businesses.

Sport Finance (SPM310 )

This course will introduce the student to the various elements of finance, accounting, and economics in sport; and the ways in which these key elements impact and affect sporting competitions and sport business. Biblical applications of fiscal responsibility and appropriate stewardship of resources will be integrated throughout the course. The course will provide a solid foundation concerning these three integral elements for the student as a future professional sport practitioner.

Data Analytics in Sport (SPT400)

This course will introduce the student to the ever-increasing role that data analytics and statistical research are playing in the decision-making processes of sporting entities, especially at the professional and Olympic levels of competition. Significant emphasis will be placed on the proper statistical handling of data so that the interpretation can be converted to achieving the desired results. Students will work in teams on game real projects and make proposals based on their research findings and analysis.

Leadership and Human Dynamics in Sport (SPT490)

This course will introduce the student to the various elements of leadership development and human dynamics in various types of sporting organizations from youth sports, through interscholastic, intercollegiate, and professional sports. Biblical applications will be integrated throughout the course. The course will provide a comprehensive foundation for what it takes to be a successful leader of a sporting organization and how to create positive and productive work/team culture. Significant emphasis will be placed on relationship building and positive cultures of teamwork.

Professional Internship Experience (SPM499 )

The student internship is designed to provide in-depth experience in various facets of the sport management field in marketplace, mission, and ministry experience environments. The program is fundamentally an educational experience where students will make significant contributions and in return, they will be mentored by the sporting professionals and other team members that they will be serving alongside. The end goal will be to better prepare you to become one who humbly and faithfully serves God, and whose service is marked by excellence and integrity in all that they do. Fee varies. Can be taken more than once for credit.

The Sports Ministry Movement (SPM450)

This course is designed to expose students to the many special sports ministry opportunities that exist for the spreading of the good news of the Scriptures. Students will have the opportunity to meet key players in the world of sports ministry, gaining greater insight into this special field of study. This course will be capped off by students serving in small teams in a sports ministry related event of their choosing.