Example Courses

International Business Marketing (INB372)

The course includes a comprehensive study of international marketing conditions and constant changes. Topics include foreign market research; trade promotion; political, legal, economic, and cultural environments; product and service adaptability; and multinational competition.

Business Ethics (BUS330)

This course begins with a survey of the philosophical underpinnings of ethical positions followed by relevant biblical considerations. An analysis of contemporary ethical cases taken from economics and from business follows.

Consumer Behavior (MKT381)

This course uses a multidisciplinary approach to understand, explain, and predict consumer behavior with the intent of leveraging this knowledge to make informed marketing decisions. The course will also include an examination of behavior-based marketing decisions from an ethical perspective.

Real Estate Principles (FIN321)

An introductory course designed to cover real estate fundamentals with practical applications useful in residential and commercial real estate transactions. Topics include investment decision making, valuations, investment performance, financing, real estate management, legal and regulatory considerations, market research, and licensing requirements for brokers and agents. The course prepares the student for the California real estate license examination.