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B.A. in Political Studies

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Majoring in Political Studies at the Master’s University equips believers not only for effective careers in law, politics, or business but also for responsible citizenship. Through a biblical framework, professors teach small classes on the theory and philosophy of civilizations. This major also allows students the opportunity to participate in a semester-long internship in Washington D.C. allowing them a front-row seat to the inner workings of the government and opportunities for networking. Because justice, law, and government originate with God, it is best to study God’s purpose for those institutions at an institution where the Bible is preached without shame and without compromise.


The Department of History & Political Studies acknowledges that God is sovereign in human affairs of the past, present and future. With that foundational truth students are aided in developing Christian philosophies of history and politics as parts of an overarching biblically-based world view.

When pursuing a Political Studies degree from our Christian university, students choose from three available emphases: American Politics, Constitutional Law, or Political Theory.

  • Graduates have been accepted into 13 of the top 20 law schools, including 7 of the top 10

  • Small class sizes allow for close teacher-student mentorship and a high-level of scholarship.

  • All class material is evaluated within a biblical framework, and all faculty have a shared commitment to the doctrinal statement.

  • Semester-long internship in Washington D.C. and Career Services equip students in real-time with experience and skills which employers demand, where alumni report highly competitive salaries and career opportunities.

  • Constitutional Law emphasis provides excellent preparation for law school



Be right at home developing meaningful, life-long relationships with like-minded Christians. Students experience a missional, gospel-centered student life both in and out of the classroom. Master’s offers a full range of facilities, resources, services, and discipleship to the approximately 1000 students on-campus.

  • Top-ranked Student Life: rated #2 Nationwide “Most Inspirational” by Wall Street Journal, and “A” Grade by Niche.com, and ranked #1 “Right Choice” University (Wall Street Journal 2017 & 2018)

  • 6 residence halls on one of America’s safest ranked campuses, with Santa Clarita consistently ranked one of the nation’s safest cities. Ranked Top 10% Nationwide for “Best College Dorms” and “Best College Campuses” (Niche 2020 ranking)

  • 3 Chapel services weekly for all faculty, staff and students. You may already live-stream the service here: Chapel. Additional opportunities for community outreach include the Evangelism Society or The Master’s Chorale

Experience it all for yourself


Southern California: a lively, oak-filled canyon campus close to both the mountains and the beach, endless career opportunities nearby, and an extensive network of recommended local churches. Prospective students and their families are invited to class-visits, 1-to-1 advising, and total-campus experiences year-round.

Study & Serve Abroad

Political Studies students have the option to study at TMU’s Israel campus, plus a wide range of study locations varying by semester including GO!, TMU Italy, and Turkey & Greece Winter.

Israel Bible Extension (IBEX) GO! Global Outreach TMU Italy

Affordability & Scholarships

40% of our undergraduate students graduated with no debt in 2019. We strive to offer students a Christ-centered education within the financial reach of all. This means paying less for school, graduating with less debt, and students starting their career better prepared for success.

Total Cost Calculator TMU Scholarships Student Career Center Work Study

Alumni & Graduate Degrees

For students pursuing graduate school, TMU’s 95% graduate school acceptance rate means students are very likely to be accepted to the graduate school of their choice. Graduates have been accepted into 13 of the top 20 law schools, including 7 of the top 10.

TMU Online MBA Master in Biblical Counseling The Master’s Seminary


Since 1927, the mission of The Master’s University is to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God worldwide.

  • Required statement of faith and pastoral recommendation

  • 3.6 GPA average for new applicants


Political Studies Core Courses

  • POL326 Introduction to American Politics (3)

  • POL343 U.S. Constitutional History (3)

  • POL354 The Christian & Politics (3)

  • POL365 Western Political Philosophy I (3)

  • POL366 Western Political Philosophy II (3)

  • POL393 Introduction to Political Research (3)

  • POL492 Senior Seminar in Political Studies (3)

Total core courses (21)

American Politics Emphasis Courses

  • Political Studies core courses (21)

  • Additional upper division Political Studies electives (9)

  • Four of the following (12)

    • POL325 Political Parties & Elections (3)

    • POL333 The Presidency (3)

    • POL334 Congress

    • POL336 Political Communication (3)

    • POL353 U.S. Diplomatic History (3)

    • POL466 The Federalist Papers (3)

Total units required for emphasis (42)

Political Theory Emphasis Courses

  • Political Studies core courses (21)

  • Additional upper division Political Studies electives (9)

  • Four of the following (12)

    • POL455 Christian Political Thought (3)

    • POL464 Machiavelli (3)

    • POL466 The Federalist Papers (3)

    • POL473 American Political Thought I (3)

    • POL474 American Political Thought II (3)

Total units required for emphasis (42)

Constitutional Law Emphasis Courses

  • Political Studies core courses (21)

  • Additional upper division Political Studies electives (9)

  • Four of the following (12)

    • POL423 The Judicial Process (3)

    • POL424 Law & Public Policy (3)

    • POL435 Introduction to Constitutional Law (3)

    • POL445 The Church as a Legal Institution (3)

    • POL446 The Supreme Court & the Bill of Rights (3)

    • POL466 The Federalist Papers (3)

Total units required for emphasis (42)

Minor in Political Studies

For a minor in political studies, the following courses are required:

  • POL220 United States Government (3)

  • Upper division Political Studies electives (21)

Total units required for minor (24)

Prof Publications

Dr. Gregg Frazer:

The Religious Beliefs of America’s Founders: Reason, Revelation, and Revolution

God Against the Revolution: The Loyalist Clergy’s Case Against the American Revolution

Degree Checklists

degree checklist

California Teaching Credential

For information about obtaining a California Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential in Social Science, see the Teaching Credential Program

Teaching Credential

Degree Checklist


Program Credits

General Education: 40
Bible: 21
Major Core Courses: 21
Emphasis/Electives: 21

Sample Course Offerings:

  • The Federalist Papers
  • Christian Political Thought
  • Supreme Court & Bill of Rights
  • Political Communication

Career Paths

  • Lawyer
  • Politician
  • NGO Staff
  • Lobbyist
  • Teacher
  • Political Scientist
  • Political Aide
  • Law Enforcement
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