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School of Biblical Studies

Ministry is a high calling and demands the best preparation (1 Tim 3:1)

The Master’s University School Of Biblical Studies includes the Department of Biblical Studies, the TMS Cooperative Program, the Israel Bible Extension (IBEX), and the Department of Biblical Counseling.

One-Year Bible Program Biblical Counseling Biblical Languages Christian Education Global Studies (Missions) Theology

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Standing firm on Christ & Scripture since 1927, The Master’s University has developed one of the most influential Biblical Studies programs anywhere in the United States. The School of Biblical Studies stresses the understanding, interpretation, and application of biblical literature. The biblical material is studied in light of its original historical environment so that an authentically biblical understanding is applied to the theological and cultural issues of the modern age. We aim to assist all students in developing a biblical worldview in which the principles and norms derived from the Word of God are applied to the whole of life. Spiritual values are emphasized so that practical spiritual growth is experienced along with academic achievement.


Flexible and innovative curriculum which allows students also to be invested in athletics and music, complete studies abroad, and engage in top internship programs.

Small Classes taught by faculty in a 10:1 teacher-student ratio, not by teacher’s assistants. All faculty have a shared commitment to the doctrinal statement outlined here: TMU Doctrinal Statement.

Ranks top 10 among Christian Universities and in the top 15% Colleges with the Best Academics in California (, 2019); top 10% Nationwide for Best Religious Studies Programs and Best Conservative Colleges (, 2020)

We hold the Word of God as sufficient in all things, including its own interpretation. To best equip our students for their intended fields, ministry, or otherwise, we teach them how to approach the Word; through Greek and Hebrew, the context in which it was written, along with a large selection of classes ranging from biblical counseling to the book of Revelation. Our professors are not just equipped scholarly but are heavily involved in their local church and other ministries: practicing what they teach and standing as examples to each student.

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Southern California: a lively, oak-filled canyon campus close to both the mountains and the beach. Endless career opportunities are nearby, and students can join and serve at any number of recommended local churches. Prospective students and their families are invited to class-visits, 1-to-1 advising, and total-campus experiences year-round.

Study & Serve Abroad

Biblical Studies students have the option to study at TMU’s Israel campus, plus a wide range of study locations varying by semester, including GO! and TMU Italy.

Israel Bible Extension (IBEX) GO! Global Outreach TMU Italy



Be right at home developing meaningful, life-long relationships with like-minded Christians. Students experience a missional, gospel-centered student life both in and out of the classroom. Master’s offers a full range of facilities, resources, services, and discipleship.

A Global Experience 2,500+ TMUS students with around 40% on-campus in undergraduate programs, coming from all around the world and typically including 40 different countries and 40 different states.

A Top-ranked Student Life Rated #2 Nationwide “Most Inspirational” by Wall Street Journal, and “A” Grade by, and ranked #1 “Right Choice” University (Wall Street Journal 2017 & 2018)

A Beautiful Campus 6 residence halls on one of America’s safest ranked campuses, with Santa Clarita consistently ranked one of the nation’s safest cities. Rated Top 10% Nationwide for “Best College Dorms” and “Best College Campuses” (Niche 2020 ranking)

A Community Of Worship 3 chapel services weekly for all faculty, staff, and students. You may already live-stream the service here: Chapel. Additional opportunities for evangelism and community outreach like the Evangelism Club or The Master’s Chorale.

Affordability & Scholarships

We strive to offer students a Christ-centered education within the financial reach of all. We believe in paying less for school, graduating with less debt, and helping students start their careers better prepared for success.

Total Cost Calculator TMU Scholarships Student Career Center Work Study

Alumni & Graduate Degrees

With over 1500 graduates since 1985, alumni often pursue careers in ministry, music, or teaching. In addition to a large number of churches across the world, organizations and agencies with our alumni work include Biblical Ministries Worldwide, Cadence International, Child Evangelism Fellowship of Southern California, Christar, Friends of Israel, Global Recordings Network, House of Moses Ministries, InterAct, Joni and Friends, Rafiki Foundation, Trans-World Radio, and World Team. Students may also continue their graduate studies at TMU or TMS:

TMU Online MBA Master in Biblical Counseling The Master’s Seminary

Graduates often pursue Masters of Divinity, Masters of Theology, or Doctoral programs at seminaries, including Master’s, Southern, Dallas, and Southwestern.


Since 1927, the mission of The Master’s University is to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth, and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God worldwide.


Experience this program for yourself

Prospective students and their families are invited to class-visits, 1-to-1 advising, total-campus experiences in upcoming events each Spring and Fall, including the 1/2 day Mondays@Master’s and the 2-day View the U events.

  • Events include Admissions and Financial Aid workshops
  • View the U includes overnight stay in the dorms hosted by current students
  • See more info: Admissions Events

B.A. in Biblical Studies Core Courses

  • B341 Hermeneutics (3)

  • B400 Senior Integrative Seminar (3)

  • B490 Senior Comprehensive Exam (0)

  • B___ Bible Elective (3)

Total core courses (9)

Biblical Studies Emphasis Courses

Designed to give the student a solid foundation in the content of the Bible, with emphasis on the analysis of biblical books, the unfolding of revelation, and the historical context of the biblical world. This emphasis provides ideal preparation for students desiring to teach as well as apply the Bible in the home, in the Church, and in the classroom.

  • Biblical Studies core courses (9)

  • B342 Romans (3)

  • B346 Life of Christ (3)

  • B364 History of Ancient Israel (3)

  • BTH425 Theology of the Future (3)

  • One of the following (8)

    • BL301 & 302 Elementary Greek I & II (4, 4)

    • BL311 & 312 Elementary Hebrew I & II (4, 4)

  • Bible Book Studies (6)

  • Bible Electives (12)

Total units required for emphasis (47)

Biblical Counseling Emphasis Courses

Study of the principles and aspects of biblical counseling designed to prepare God’s people to meet counseling-related needs wherever they exist with the sufficient and superior resources God provides. The course of study trains students to counsel people in the local church. It emphasizes the proper interpretation and specific application of Scripture in ministering to people.

  • Biblical Studies core courses (9)

  • BC300 Introduction to Biblical Counseling (3)

  • BC311 Theological Basis for Biblical Counseling (3)

  • BC330 Methods of Biblical Change (3)

  • BC340 Marriage & Family (3)

  • BC421, 422 Problems & Procedures I, II (3,2)

  • BC431, 432 Counseling Practicum I, II (2,2)

  • BE101 Introduction to Psychology (3)

  • One of the following (8)

    • BL301 & 302 Elementary Greek I & II (4, 4)

    • BL311 & 312 Elementary Hebrew I & II (4, 4)

  • Bible Book Studies (6)

Total units required for emphasis (47)

Biblical Languages Emphasis Courses

The Biblical Languages emphasis consists of three years of Biblical Greek and one year of Hebrew and is designed primarily for those desiring graduate work, either in seminary or in languages and Bible translation.

  • Biblical Studies core courses (9)

  • BL301, 302 Elementary Greek I, II (4,4)

  • BL311, 312 Elementary Hebrew I, II (4,4)

  • BL401, 402 Intermediate Greek I, II (3,3)

  • BL422 Greek Exegesis (3)

  • BL461 Advanced Greek Grammar (3)

  • Bible Electives (10)

Total units required for emphasis (47)

Christian Education Emphasis Courses

The Christian Education emphasis examines the concepts of Christian education. It is designed for those students who desire to enter the educational program of the local church, primary school, junior high, high school, or college. It is also valuable for that student interested in the mission field, Christian schools, or the teaching ministry.

  • Biblical Studies core courses (9)

  • B346 Life of Christ (3)

  • BC340 Marriage & Family (3)

  • BCE313 Introduction to Christian Education (3)

  • One of the following

    • BL301, 302 Elementary Greek I, II (4, 4)

    • BL311, 312 Elementary Hebrew I, II (4, 4)

  • BMN300 Ministry Internship (1)

  • BMS___ Course in Missions (3)

  • BTH364 Theology of the Church (3)

  • ED400 Foundations of Education (3)

  • Bible Book Study (3)

  • Bible Electives (8)

Total units required for emphasis (47)

Global Studies Emphasis Courses

The Global Studies emphasis focuses on understanding cross-cultural ministry and is specifically designed for those who desire to serve in a full-time cross-cultural capacity. Students will be required to study language, church planting, cultural anthropology, and missionary life while living on the mission field for one summer. The student will also serve in an ethnic church similar to the culture in which they desire to minister.

  • Biblical Studies core courses (9)

  • BC300 Introduction to Biblical Counseling (3)

  • BC362 Biblical Conflict Resolution (2)

  • BL325 Introduction to Biblical Languages (3)

  • BMS301 Introduction to Missions (3)

  • BMS303 History & Theory of Missions (3)

  • BMS341 Cultural Anthropology (3)

  • BMS362 Gospel, Culture, & Vocation (3)

  • BMS385 World Religions (3)

  • One of the following (3)

    • BMS311 Preparation for Urban Missions (3)

    • ED400 Foundations of Education (3)

    • ESL311 Introduction to TESOL (3)

    • INB311 Global Business Strategies (3)

  • Field Semester: (9-12 Weeks) (6)

    • BMS302 Field Internship (3)

    • BMS322 Field Language (3)

  • Bible Book Studies (6)

Total units required for emphasis (47)

Theology Emphasis Courses

The Theology emphasis is a comprehensive study of theology in which students will not only focus their attention on systematic theology, but also be able to better understand Christianity in relation to other worldviews, religions, and philosophies. It is designed for those students who desire to further their education in seminary and eventually serve in a pastoral or teaching capacity.

  • Biblical Studies core courses (9)

  • BCW363 Apologetics (3)

  • One of the following (8)

    • BL301 & 302 Elementary Greek I & II (4, 4)

    • BL311 & 312 Elementary Hebrew I & II (4, 4)

  • One of the following (3)

    • BMS385 World Religions (3)

    • BMS483 Religions of America (3)

  • BTH374 Historical Theology (3)

  • Theology Electives (12)

  • Bible Book Studies (6)

  • Bible Electives (3)

Total units required for emphasis (47)

Minor in Biblical Studies

A minor in Biblical Studies is offered to students not majoring in Biblical Studies, but who desire a greater understanding of the Bible and theology.

  • B101, 102 Old Testament Survey I, II (3, 3)

  • B201, 202 New Testament Survey I, II (3, 3)

  • BTH321, 322 Christian Theology I, II (3, 3)

  • Bible Electives (6)

Total units required for minor (24)

Minor in Global Studies

A minor in Global Studies is offered to all students who desire a greater understanding of cross-cultural vocations.

  • BMS301 Introduction to Missions (3)

  • BMS303 History & Theory of Missions (3)

  • BMS312 Global Outreach (3)

  • BMS341 Cultural Anthropology (3)

  • BMS362 Gospel, Culture, & Vocation (3)

  • BMS385 World Religions (3)

Total units required for minor (18)

Prof Publications

Dr. Abner Chou:

Dr. William Varner:

Degree Checklists

[“Click to view your degree checklist by year and emphasis.”]

Degree Checklist


Program Credits

General Education: 40
Bible: 21
Major Core Courses: 11
Emphasis/Electives: 36

Sample Course Offerings:

  • Old Testament I, II
  • New Testament I, II
  • Apologetics
  • Theology I, II
  • Jeremiah
  • Romans
  • The Pastoral Epistles
  • The Reformation Era
  • Intertestamental Period

Career Paths

  • Pastor
  • Missionary
  • Biblical Counselor
  • Teacher
  • Worship Leader
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Translator
  • Major Courses keyboard_arrow_down
    Course Number Course Name Units
    B314 1 2 Corinthians 3
    BC556 Acbc Membership Seminar 2
    BL461 Advanced Greek Grammar 3
    BCW363 Apologetics 3
    BC362 Biblical Conflict Resolution 2
    IBEX311 Biblical Hebrew 4
    B340 Biblical Interpretation 3
    BMS304 Biblical Method Of Missions 3
    BE301 Child Adolescent Development 3
    BCW455 Christian Political Thought 3
    BTH321 Christian Theology I 3
    BTH322 Christian Theology II 3
    BCW400 Christian World View 3
    BIB306 Christian Worldview Ethics 3
    ESL330 Community Lab 1
    BTH417 Contemporary Theology 3
    BTH416 Contemporary Theology 3
    BC519 Counseling From Ecclesiastes 2
    BC580 Counseling Observation Practicum 2
    BC591 Counseling Observations 2
    BC431 Counseling Practicum I 2
    BC432 Counseling Practicum II 2
    BC590 Counseling Practicum 2
    BC399 Counseling Proverbs 3
    BC572 Counseling Women 2
    BMS336 Cross Cultural Church Planting 3
    BMS317 Cross Cultural Communication 3
    SS341 Cultural Anthropology 3
    BMS341 Cultural Anthropology 3
    B425 Daniel 3
    BIB101d Distinctives Of Biblical Living Iv 1
    BL301 Elementary Greek I 4
    BL302 Elementary Greek II 4
    BL311 Elementary Hebrew I 4
    BL312 Elementary Hebrew II 4
    BTH428 Eschatological Interpretations 3
    BC502 Essential Qualities Of The Bibl Counsel 2
    B121 Essentials of Christian Thought 3
    BCW367 Ethics 3
    BCW364 Ethics 3
    BMS496 Ethnic Church Internship II 2
    BMN352 Event Planning 3
    BMS302 Field Internship 3
    BMS322 Field Language Study 3
    B418 Galatians 3
    B306 Genesis 3
    BMS412 Global Outreach 0
    BMS312 Global Outreach 3
    BTH399c Global Theological Education 3
    BTH499 God In Philosophy Theology 3
    BMS366 Gospel Culture Vocation 3
    BMS365 Gospel Living 3
    BMS364 Gospel Living 3
    B399g Gospel Of Matthew 3
    BL422 Greek Exegesis 3
    B417 Hebrews 3
    B431 Hermeneutics 3
    BCH399a Hist Backgrounds Of Acts Early Church 3
    BTH378 Historical Theology 3
    IBEX367 History Of Ancient Israel 3
    B364 History of Ancient Israel 3
    BCH365 History Of The Church 3
    IBEX330 History Of The Modern State Of Israel 3
    IBEX340 History Society Of Modern Israel 3
    BMS303 History Theory Of Missions 3
    BL401 Intermediate Greek I 3
    BL402 Intermediate Greek II 3
    BCH347 Intertestamental Period 3
    BL325 Intro To Biblical Languages 3
    BCE313 Intro To Christian Education 3
    BE311 Intro To Psychology 3
    BC300 Introduction to Biblical Counseling 3
    BMS399o Introduction To India Hinduism 3
    ESL303 Introduction To Linguistics 3
    BMS301 Introduction To Missions 3
    ESL311 Introduction To Tesol 3
    B407 Isaiah 3
    B378a James 3
    IBEX320 Jewish Thought Culture 3
    B399a Land Culture Of The Bible 3
    ESL351 Language Acquisition 3
    B346 Life of Christ 3
    CR600 Mabc Continuing Registration 0
    CR500 Mabc Continuing Registration 0
    BC340 Marriage Family 3
    BCH315 Medieval Europe 3
    BMN310 Message Preparation for Women 3
    BTH377 Messianic Theology 3
    ESL322 Methodology 3
    BC330 Methods of Biblical Change 3
    BMN300 Ministry Internship 1
    BMS398 Missionary Lab 3
    IBEX312 Modern Hebrew 3
    IBEX467 New Testament Backgrounds 3
    B357 New Testament Backgrounds 3
    B201 New Testament Survey I 3
    B202 New Testament Survey II 3
    B424 Old Testament Issues 3
    B447 Old Testament Minor Prophets 3
    B301 Old Testament Survey I (B301) 3
    B101 Old Testament Survey I 3
    B302 Old Testament Survey II 3
    B102 Old Testament Survey II 3
    B397 Pastoral Epistles 3
    BMN412 Pastoral Student Ministries 3
    ESL352 Pedagogical Grammar 3
    BMN360 Personal Discipleship 3
    B388 Peter Jude 3
    ESL492 Practicum 3
    BMS311 Preparation For Urban Missions 3
    B350 Principles Of Personal Bible Study 3
    BYM336 Principles Of Youth Leadership 3
    B377 Prison Epistles 3
    BCW488 Problem Of Evil 3
    BC521 Problems Procedures I 2
    BC421 Problems Procedures I 3
    BC422 Problems Procedures II 2
    B367 Psalms 3
    BCH408 Puritanism 3
    BMS399g Religion Culture Of Turkey Greece 3
    BMS483 Religions Of America 3
    BMS383 Religions Of America 3
    B337 Revelation (B337) 3
    B335 Revelation 3
    B342 Romans 3
    B490 Senior Comprehensive Exam 0
    B400 Senior Integrative Seminar 3
    BMN370 Sermon Preparation Delivery 3
    BCH404 Studies In John Calvin 3
    BCH409 Studies In Martin Luther 3
    BYM331 Survey Of Student Ministries 3
    BCE304 Teaching Methodology 3
    IBEX399 The Book Of Acts 3
    BCW354 The Christian Politics 3
    BMS399n The Church Missions 3
    B311 The Gospel Of John 3
    B300 The Land Of The Bible 3
    IBEX300 The Land The Bible 6
    IBEX377 The Life Of Christ 3
    BCH464 The Reformation Era 3
    BC311 Theological Basis of Biblical Counseling 3
    BC512 Theological Basis Of Counseling II 2
    BTH399l Theology Lord Of The Rings 3
    BTH425 Theology Of End Times 3
    BTH337 Theology of God 3
    BTH376 Theology Of The Church And Family 3
    BTH336 Theology of the Church 2
    BTH499b Theology Of The Holy Spirit 3
    BMN312 Training In Women S Ministry 3
    BC342 Women Counseling Women 3
    BC341 Women Discipling Women 3
    BMN321 Women S Issues 3
    BMS385 World Religions 3
    BMN333 Worship Songs Of The Church 3
    BYM322 Youth Culture Conflicts 3
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