Example Courses

C220 News Media Literacy

News Media Literacy teaches students how to test information delivered as new for accuracy and veracity. Students will learn how to vet information for evidence of bias in various forms such as misinformation, misdirection, missing information, slanted sources, reliance on unnamed sources, statistical manipulation, editorializing, “fact checking,” headline misdirection, etc.

C303 Documentary Filmmaking

This course will expose students to the historical and theoretical elements that compose documentary filmmaking— journalism, research, development, filming, and editing. The course will examine the cultural, legal, and ethical parameters that are crucial to production, while exploring the major themes often present within documentaries. Students will create documentary projects throughout the class.

C311 Video Production I

Introduction to the video technical language and creative and aesthetic elements of the production process. Students will gain understanding of lighting, sound, camera operation, composition, and design of visual elements.

C320 Newspaper Workshop

By writing for the TMU student publication, students will learn the techniques and methods of mass communication. Laboratory experience in constructing one or more of the news forms of the student publication: news reporting, feature writing, editorials, photojournalism, design, etc.

C373 Graphic Design I

This class introduces the students to the concepts of Desktop Publishing. Topics covered will include color theory, page layout, composition, print requirements, and other production-related techniques. The applications used in this class are Adobe™ Photoshop™ for image editing, Adobe™ Illustrator™ for logo design, and Adobe™ InDesign™ for page layout and composition.