Highlighted Courses

Elementary Hebrew (B312)

A study of the grammar of the Hebrew language, as well as the translation of selected passages of the Old Testament.

Theology of Man & Sin (BTH348)

An in-depth study of the creation, characteristics, and composition of human nature, the origin and nature of sin, and contemporary issues in theological anthropology and hamartiology.

Hermeneutics (B341)

This course will discuss the key theological presuppositions that determine the nature of interpretation and drive one’s theological method. A particular emphasis will be placed on the practical implementation of these ideas in various genres with a view to making solid applications.

Theological Basis of Biblical Counseling (BC311)

A consideration of the theological realities that form the basis of a proper approach to counseling. Special emphasis is given to the nature of God and of man (unfallen and fallen), a biblical definition of the image of God, the nature of sin, the realities of regeneration and progressive sanctification, the concept of “the flesh” (old man/new man), an understanding of the heart/mind as used in Scripture, and the place of the local church in the ministry of counseling.