On Campus Housing

Friday, March 8, 2024: Fall 2024 On-Campus Housing Applications Open

Friday, May 3, 2024: Fall 2024 On-Campus Housing Applications Due

Visit masters.erezlife.com. to fill out your On-Campus Housing Application or email with any questions.

All housing assignments seek to accommodate student preferences and are prioritized by registration
date. On-campus housing is reserved for traditional undergraduate students 29 years of age or younger.
All students living in campus-provided housing must be enrolled in a total of at least nine academic units
(online units not included).

All roommate and room requests properly submitted are carefully considered; however, all assignments
are at the discretion of the Housing Committee. All housing preference changes can be submitted to
for review by the committee.

Off Campus Housing

Friday, March 8, 2024: Fall 2024 Off-Campus Housing Requests Open.

Friday, May 3, 2024: Fall 2024 Off-Campus Housing Requests Due.

All students requesting to live off campus must submit an electronic application, available online through masters.erezlife.com.

Qualifications for off-campus housing consideration are:

  • A student living with parents, a married student, a student 22 years old or older, an academic senior, or a student who has already lived four semesters on the Master’s campus. Being qualified for consideration, however, does not guarantee approval.
  • The Dean of Men/Women and Resident Directors will carefully consider each submitted application, taking
    into consideration the student’s reputation. All applications for off-campus housing must be submitted online through https://masters.erezlife.com no later than December 11th for the spring semester, except in cases when another deadline is published for special circumstances.
  • Please allow two weeks for processing. No student can move off campus once a semester has begun by the housing contract unless written permission is given from the Dean’s Office.
  • Approval for Off-Campus housing is granted from semester to semester and the Housing Committee reserves the right to approve or not approve requests to live off campus. Any student not approved for Off-Campus housing is required to live in TMU-provided On-Campus housing in agreement with their enrollment.
Meal Plans

Meal Plan Selections

Once you have submitted your on-campus or off-campus housing application, you will be able to select a meal plan on https://masters.erezlife.com/.

IMPORTANT! When you initially apply for housing, you will only see the following meal plan options:

  • Unlimited Plan- $3,550 (Includes $150 Flex)
  • 14 Meal Plan- $3,450 (Includes $150 Flex)
  • 10 Meal Plan- $3,350 (Includes $150 Flex)

Once you 1) receive approval for your off-campus housing application or 2) receive your housing placement, you will be able to return to eRezLife to change your meal plan to one that is exclusive to certain living situations. These are as follows:

  • $1200 Flex Bucks (Canyon Home Only- minimum requirement)
  • $300 Flex (Oak Manor Apartments Only)

Please allow 24 hours for your bill to be updated with Student Accounts.

  1. Once your housing application is complete, go to the left navigation bar and select “My Meal Plans” or click the “Select a meal plan” action under Recommended Actions on the Home Dashboard.

2. Under Current Sessions, click “Select Meal Plan for this Session,” under the heading of the application

you plan to proceed with for the upcoming school year.

3. Select the Meal Plan option you would like and click “Save.”

4. If at any point you desire to change your meal plan (such as after approved for Off-Campus or placed in Oak Manor, or the Canyon Homes), you may click the “Change Plan” button and select

your new meal plan.

Note: With any meal plan selections or changes, please give at least 24 hours for your bill to be updated.

IMPORTANT: If you do not choose a meal plan prior to the start of the semester, you will be billed for a meal plan by default and will be responsible for those charges.

Housing Application Instructions

How to Submit a Housing Application 

  1. Go to https://masters.erezlife.com/login/ 
  2. On the log-in page, select “Sign in with your school account.”

3. Sign in with your TMU email and password. 

      4. Once you log in, you will be brought to the eRezLife homepage.  

  1. Click on “Housing Overview” on the navigation bar to the left of the screen or “Apply for Housing” under the Recommended Actions. 

       2. Select which housing application you would like to complete by clicking “Apply Now” for the appropriate application.