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Scholarship Opportunities

An education at The Master's University is more affordable than you might think. Each student's financial aid offer is unique, designed to reflect academic achievement, financial need, and other individual circumstances. Browse through the updated scholarship opportunities below.

Steadfast Scholarship

Recipients of this scholarship pay zero tuition. This unique scholarship, which honors Dr. John P. Stead, combines all existing financial aid which a student receives, then supplements the remaining amount to offer a full tuition scholarship. Five scholarships are awarded each year.
Up to $31,950/year

Academic Scholarships

Eligibility for academic scholarships is based on GPA and ACT/SAT/CLT test scores. The first two levels, Distinguished and Honors, are automatically awarded. The most competitive, the President’s Scholarship, requires a separate application.
Up to $16,000/year

Athletic Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded by the athletic department to students who demonstrate athletic skill and Christian character which will contribute to The Master’s University and its athletic programs. Recipients must reapply annually.
Up to $44,350/year

Music Scholarships

The music department awards these scholarships to music majors who demonstrate superior musical ability and are committed to the ministry focus of TMU's programs. Music minors or students who show exceptional skill in a particular ensemble instrument may also be eligible upon individual assessment.
Up to $10,000/year

Alumni Scholarships

These scholarships are available to new students whose parents hold a degree from The Master’s University (TMU), The Master’s College (TMC), or Los Angeles Baptist College (LABC).
$16,000/4 years

Ministry & Church Scholarships

Dependents of full-time pastors or missionaries, or who are affiliated with church and ministry partners such as The Master’s Fellowship (TMF), may be eligible for additional aid.
Starting at $2,500/year

Need-Based Grants

Various scholarships and grants are available for students who demonstrate a financial need. See here for international student aid, loss of job applications, and general grant requests.

Department Scholarships

TMU's various schools offer scholarships to students in their respective departments. These scholarships are awarded directly by the individual school.
Up to $10,000/year

Donor Scholarships

These scholarships are funded directly by generous donors. Students whose families are affiliated with TMC/TMUS, The Master’s Academy International (TMAI), Grace To You (GTY), Grace Community Church (GCC Sun Valley), or other TMUS affiliations are especially encouraged to apply.
Up to $44,350/year

Outside Scholarships

Browse our databases to find thousands of external scholarships. These opportunities are offered by various entities outside of TMU. The awards range from small one-time scholarships to full 4-year scholarships.
Amount: Various

Law Enforcement, Fire Department, and Military/Veteran Scholarships

TMU offers scholarships specifically for students who are dependent on a parent working full-time in law enforcement or for a fire department. We also provide resources for our veterans, active duty service members, reservists, and their families to help them navigate the unique financial aid resources and benefits available.
Starting at $10,000/4 years

1st Generation Scholarships

If you are a first-generation college student (meaning that neither parent completed a bachelor's degree), you may be eligible to apply for additional aid.
$10,000/4 years

Early Admission Scholarships

These scholarships recognize the preparation and organization of students who are admitted between September 1 and November 1. This scholarship is automatically applied.
Scholarship amount: $1,000

Spring Semester Scholarships

These scholarships are open to all new undergraduate, on-campus students starting in a spring semester.
Up to $2,500
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