Example Courses

Software Engineering - CIS322

This course is an introduction to the concepts and practices of software engineering. Topics include software processes, development operations, Agile methodology, software architecture, system design, testing and integration, and software maintenance.

Programming Languages & Systems - CIS321

Introduces programming language organization and structure. The course covers program run-time behavior and requirements; compiler and interpreter functions; and basic programming language analysis, design, and specification.

Artificial Intelligence - CIS468

An introduction to artificial intelligence and the major methods, techniques, and algorithms of intelligent machines.

Machine Learning - CIS468

An introduction to machine learning and its major methods, techniques, and algorithms.

Cybersecurity Engineering/Implementation - CS351E

This course covers topics in cybersecurity related to the creation and deployment of secure computer systems, with a focus on modern security practices involving zero trust, identity & access management, end-to-end encryption, and secure development life cycles.