About The TMU Teaching Credential Program

For important admissions criteria and procedures, including tuition and fees, please visit the Credential Programs Admissions page.

The credential programs follow the TMU Credential Program Calendar, designed to align with local school district calendars rather than the TMU undergraduate calendar. Accordingly, the credential programs begin earlier and finish later than the TMU undergraduate programs. See important dates on the calendar.

Though they are fifth-year undergraduate programs, the credential programs maintain graduate-level quality and graduate-level expectations, resulting in high-quality preparation for teaching. As a result, our credential program alumni are well-qualified for teaching positions in public, private, and international schools, and are in high demand locally and elsewhere.

Credential Program-to-Master’s Degree pathway. Students who successfully complete a TMU credential program may apply for admission to the online Master of Education in Teaching degree program and transfer in up to 19 units of credential coursework toward that degree, meaning only 5 additional courses are needed to earn the M.Ed degree. For more information, please visit the Master of Education in Teaching page.

See the Program Outline page and the TMU Catalog for more detailed information about the programs.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition for the Credential Program is $17,850, and not standard undergraduate TMU tuition of $38,000 per year. The Credential Program tuition is broken down into two semesters: $9,520/fall semester and $8,330/spring semester.

Credential ProgramTMU
CSUN (Cal State Schools)La Verne (Online Programs)
Total Cost$17,850$16,000$26,566
Calculation2 Semesters$4,000/Semester x 4$802/unit x 33

Credential program candidates may be eligible for state and federal financial aid programs. Contact the TMU Financial Aid Office for information.

Teacher Salaries
  • $47,000 – $52,000: Beginning teacher salary for elementary school districts in California.
  • $50,000 – $56,000: Beginning teacher salary for high school districts in California:

In 2022-2023, both elementary and high school teacher salaries peak around $110,000 in California but can exceed $160,000 for a teacher advancing to the role of a School-Site Principal, for example. In the local Santa Clarita districts, including the William S. Hart Union and Saugus Union School Districts, the salaries are higher starting at $56,000. Teachers with an M.Ed can earn up to 50% more starting salary with a starting range of $65,000.