Course Highlights

MU436 Vocal Pedagogy

The science and art of training the singing voice. Vocal anatomy, resonance, breath support, registration, acoustics, expression and teaching methodologies will be explored as well as applied within observed teaching experience.

MU445 Arranging

Equips students with compositional skills and techniques that facilitate arranging music in both vocal and instrumental genres from a range of style periods and sources to fit diverse needs and levels.

MU476 Advanced Conducting

Advanced techniques in choral and instrumental conducting, including score analysis, transpositions, and listening skills with ensembles.

MU416 Teaching Music in the Elementary & Secondary School

The cornerstone course for Music Education students. Covers a survey of materials, teaching strategies, school year calendar projection, Music Standards, course offerings, lesson planning, booster clubs, and philosophies of vocal, general, and instrumental music programs found in elementary through senior high schools.