Course Highlights

MU374 Functional Keyboard Skills

Designed to give the advanced keyboard student greater fluency in the arts of sight-reading, improvisation, and accompanying.

MU386 Piano Pedagogy II

An introduction to teaching intermediate-level piano lessons, including an overview of available materials and an introduction to leveling repertoire. This course highlights the observation and discussion of intermediate-level piano teaching.

MU440 Collaborative Keyboard

Designed for pianists who accompany student recitals and other performances. Does not meet as a class but provides credit for student accompanists. Requires accompanying a minimum of two students, a junior or senior recital, or a performing ensemble. Must have approval of the piano faculty.

MU473 Advanced Piano Literature

Performance and study of keyboard literature from early Baroque to the present. Purpose is to survey as much literature as possible to study development of keyboard music and its use for teaching purposes.