Example Courses

Essentials of World History I, II - H211, 212

A broad two-semester survey integrating important geographical, intellectual, cultural, social, political, and economic developments within the world’s major civilizations from earliest times to the 17th century in the first semester and from the 17th century to present in the second semester.

Historical Research Techniques - H421

A course on research methods in history, introducing both traditional research techniques and contemporary computer based strategies. Problems in writing and documentation will also be addressed, while historiography comprises a main topic for readings.

Civil War & Reconstruction - H424

An examination of political, social, economic, and military facets of the Civil War and Reconstruction periods, including such topics as the nature of the Union under the Constitution, the importance of regional economic specialization, the crucial role of race relations in American society, and ethical questions concerning slavery and war.

U.S. Church History - H487

A historical survey of U.S. church history, especially American Protestantism, from deep colonial Puritan roots through the First and Second Great Awakenings, the shattering of basic biblical unity in the modernist/fundamentalist controversy, and the rebuilding of modern evangelicalism in contemporary times.