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Conceptual Framework

Mission Statement

Built upon and reflecting the TMU doctrinal and mission statements, the mission of the Pearl C. Schaffer School of Education is:

To equip and empower effective educators - developing Christ-like, professional practitioners who are called to ensure life-changing learning for all students.

What We Believe

We believe that a career in education is a calling: a professional ministry of service to students, families, and communities.

Life-changing learning is:

  • GROUNDED IN TRUTH (which can be discovered by, but is not derived from, our own self).

  • TRANSFORMATIONAL, resulting in the development of the learner across the cognitive, social-emotional, spiritual, and physical domains.

  • INDIVIDUAL, though informed by and benefitting from socio-cultural setting (context and community).

  • EXPERIENTIAL, and can be engaged in and represented by multiple means.

We believe the professional practice of education is:

  • EFFECTIVE (as evidenced by life-changing student learning) and ENGAGING (as evidenced by students’ higher-order thinking and ownership of learning).

  • PURPOSEFUL (focused on student learning rather than task completion, grades, or test scores) and INTENTIONAL (marked by achievable, measurable, relevant learning goals.)

  • RELATIONAL (based in discipleship) and INCLUSIVE (based in equity).

  • COLLABORATIVE (making connections with other professionals) and INTERDISCIPLINARY (making connections between subjects and to real world).

  • RESPONSIVE (to culture, setting, and students) and DYNAMIC (flexible and adaptable, not static).

More detailed information can be found in this PDF: Conceptual Framework 2019

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