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In the midst of today’s booming scientific advancements and the ubiquitous influence of technology, TMU’s School of Science, Mathematics, Technology & Health trains students to be knowledgeable in their fields and capable researchers, preparing them to approach their future in STEM with an unshakeable biblical grounding and a zeal to worship God in their work.


TMU offers an innovative curriculum taught by top faculty in focused class sizes, to prepare students to excel in an increasingly complex technical and scientific world while living lives that glorify God. Our majors study their disciplines both in theory and in practice, and also learn to leverage their careers to the honor of Christ and Scripture.

Our classes are taught by professors, not teacher’s assistants. And our faculty all have a shared commitment to the doctrinal statement, including interpreting science through faith, teaching a literal six-day creation and a historical space-time fall.

Our students have the freedom to conduct, structure, and present research with faculty support. Students are also encouraged to pursue personalized scholarship opportunities with individual faculty in the department. Research opportunities translate into academic credit toward graduation in the form of practicums in industrial settings and scholarly articles presented to academic and professional societies.

Valuable internship programs provide students with the experiences and networks necessary for future career success, while also allowing them the necessary flexibility to invest in athletics, music, studies abroad, and more. Our students graduate prepared for the next step in their lives, whether that be further education or a job in their discipline.

Faculty Profiles

Faculty Profiles

Our faculty have extensive practical experience in their fields and represent a significant body of published research.

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Student Research

Student Research

Like their professors, our students have also worked to contribute research to their fields. Past students have even been awarded grant money to aid in their pursuits.

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Since 1927, the mission of The Master’s University is to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth, and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God worldwide.

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