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John P. Stead School of Humanities


The John P. Stead School of Humanities equips students to understand human culture with depth and biblical clarity. Regardless of their specific field, our students graduate with greater discernment toward the arts and philosophy, and their perspective on current events is rooted in a critical analysis of the past and filtered by Scripture.


God chose to reveal His dealings with humanity in a historical and literary way — the Word of God. Furthermore, God has granted a unique glory to humanity by making us in His image. Because of this, we believe that studying history, literature, and human culture is central to a Christian liberal arts education. In understanding the language, history, and political structures of humanity, we better understand and appreciate the truths of Scripture, become more discerning, and become more articulate in communicating with others.

Our distinctly Scripture-based approach to the humanities is focused on building the discernment necessary for spiritual maturity. The issue of interpretation (whether it is interpreting Scripture, non-inspired texts, or other aspects of human culture) is foundational to wise and mature living. But learning how to interpret takes time and practice, and our programs teach this skill through intensive study in history, literature, and culture. We focus on developing right perceptions, sound judgment, and critical thinking skills while walking in obedience to our Savior.

Our students graduate with essential analysis and communication skills that are valued in every form of employment. Furthermore, having been taught to interpret culture with biblical discernment, they are prepared to be clear-thinking, responsible citizens and church members.

Whether they go on to further academic work, professional careers, or full-time ministry, every day will give them opportunities to exercise the curiosity, adaptability, and integrity that they developed by studying the humanities at TMU.


Our emphases fit a variety of interests, but they all provide similar grounding in a Scripture-shaped approach to human history and philosophy.

Faculty Profiles

Faculty Profiles

Our School of Humanities faculty model what they teach, studying and thinking deeply in their specific fields while also exhibiting a broad understanding of the humanities in general. Many have contributed to their fields with published research, and all are united in their biblical worldview.

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Study the Humanities in Italy

Study the Humanities in Italy

Every summer, a small cohort of TMU students spends six weeks living and studying in Florence, Italy. They work toward their degree requirements while being deeply immersed in Italian culture and Renaissance history.

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