Example Courses

Curriculum Instruction & Learning Theory - ED202

In this course, students will learn about best practices in teaching and learning. There will be an emphasis on learning theories as they apply to the use of curriculum and the designing of instruction. Students will be introduced to Culturally Responsive Teaching for the diverse populations in today’s classrooms. Students will explore current issues facing students and teachers. Students will learn how to create an effective lesson plan. Observation and (as allowed) participation in a local public-school classroom for ten hours is required.

Exploring Disabilities & Special Needs through Literature - ED332

Students in this course will examine current education issues regarding special education and students with intellectual, emotional, academic, or physical disabilities through reading and responding to literature. The required texts will introduce strategies currently used in today’s classroom that help teachers increase student comprehension and critical thinking.

Foundations of Education - ED400

This prerequisite professional education course is designed to introduce the prospective teacher candidate to foundational principles relevant to contemporary education.

Elementary P.E. Components & Techniques - KIN415

An elective course involving a study of the physical education techniques and materials used in the elementary school. An exploration of physical education activities that can be used at the elementary school level.