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Speech Communication, B.A. in Communications

There is no better place for a young believer to study Speech Communication than at The Master’s University. Courses in this emphasis develop the student’s ability to think, write, and speak clearly and effectively. Communication skills at both the interpersonal and public levels are stressed with the view of developing critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies. This area of concentration helps prepare students for such careers as a speech teacher, manager, salesperson, public relations practitioner, lawyer, and customer service representative.

Courses include:

  • Social Media and Communication: An introduction to the dynamics of technologically mediated social discourse with a look at both individual implications as well as broader processes within society including culture, polity, and commercial enterprise.

  • Introduction to ASL and Deaf Culture: The course offers an immersive introduction to American Sign Language usage. Students will learn essential elements of signing and will be introduced to the nuances of Deaf culture.

  • Persuasion: Theories and techniques of social influence. Course content includes motivation, attitude change, ethics, credibility, nonverbal persuasion, logic and argumentation, emotions, and cultural influences.

  • Nonverbal Communication: Examination of the influence of environmental factors, physical behavior, and vocal cues on human communication.

Full Degree Checklist: Speech Communication, Bachelor’s in Communications (B.A.)

  • General Education Course Units: 61

  • Communication Core Course Units: 15

  • General Communication Emphasis Course Units: 33

  • Electives: 13

  • Total Units: 122

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Core Courses

General Education: 40
Bible: 21
Major Core Courses: 15
Emphasis/Electives: 33
C331 Freelance Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age
C336 Political Communication
C371 Interpersonal Comm.
C382 Persuasion
C383 Family Communication
C384 Nonverbal Communication
C388 Communication & Social Movements
C391 Intercultural Comm.
C392 Advanced Public Relations
C478 Classical to Contemporary Rhetorical Theory
C481 Argumentation & Debate
C484 Organizational Communication
C488 Rhetoric of Religion
C498 Communication Theories
B121 Essentials of Christian Thought
Old Testament Survey I and II
New Testament Survey I and II
Christian Theology I and II

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