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This program builds on TMU’s solid business core with specialized courses in Agricultural Management, Agricultural Products, and Agricultural Policy. It culminates with an on-site study at two agricultural sites for firsthand experience, empowering graduates in their pursuit of a career in the business of agriculture.

Courses are planned to include:

Agricultural Management (3) This course looks at the management of the agricultural firm, including organization, planning, direction, and process control. Students will understand tools of decision-making and factor-allocation in agricultural production. Special emphasis is placed on finance sources and business organization, including the co-op model.

Marketing Agricultural Products (3) Marketing agency and supply-chain functions involved in the delivery of agricultural products from source to the consumer are explored. Students learn how the behavior of farmers, marketing agents, and consumers affect the organization, pricing, and performance of food markets.

Agricultural Economics (3) This course explores the application of concepts from Macro and Microeconomics to agriculture, including commodities market analysis and the basics of futures markets, including local market basis.

Government Policy in Agribusiness (3) This course examines the effects of banking systems, exchange rates, monetary policy, and international trade policy on the business of agriculture. Students will understand subsidies and regulations in the context of global agriculture.

Decision Science Fundamentals (3) This course provides an overview of the scientific methods available to the managerial decision-maker. Course topics include linear programming, the transportation problem, queuing, simulation, project management, forecasting, facility location and layout, inventory control, quality assurance, and job design.

Field Study (1-2) Five-day on-site study at two agricultural sites for firsthand experience with management processes. Students will compare and contrast management processes, observing and analyzing site-specific practices.

Potential Careers

Family Business
Agricultural finance, insurance, and banking
Agriculture B2B marketing
Agricultural state or federal law
International agricultural trade

Questions about a potential career? Visit our Student Career Center.

Notable Alumni

Scott Mabs, '95

B.S. Business Administration

CEO of Homegrown Organic Farms, CA

John Van Wingerden

B.S. Business Administration

Express Seed Company, OH

Maureen Loeffler (Owyoung), '83

B.A. Biblical Studies

Supervisory Enumerator at the National Association Of State Departments Of Agriculture (NASDA), CA

Ashlyn Mabs, 18

B.S. Business Administration

Project Assistant, Homegrown Organic Farms

Zack Anderson. '12

B.S. Business Administration

Plant Controller at Nichols Farms, CA

"What Master's did for me was really give me a foundation for my life in Christ, which really feeds everything else. If I did not have that foundation, I would not be doing what I'm doing today"

Scott Mabs, '95. CEO of Homegrown Organic Farms, California.

Next Steps: Applying

Pending WSCUC approval, this new emphasis program will be offered to start Fall 2022 for freshmen, transfer students, and current students. Since 1927, the mission of The Master’s University is to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth, and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God worldwide.


  • Required statement of faith and pastoral recommendation
  • 3.6 GPA average for new applications

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