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4 Year B.A + Teaching Credential


4 Year B.A in Liberal Studies, Teacher Education Emphasis + Credential Program

The Teacher Education emphasis is designed for students pursuing teaching careers, teaching credentials, or pursuing graduate teaching degrees. TMU also has a California-approved teacher preparation program leading to either the Preliminary Multiple Subject or Single Subject Teaching Credential. This “3+1” plan allows students to complete the BA in Liberal Studies, Teacher Education Emphasis in 3 years, and apply to enter the Credential Program in the 4th year. This accelerated program is intense and focused to allow students to both save money and to graduate and credential faster.

See details and admissions for the Teaching Credential program here: Credential

Sample 3-year BA Degree Plan + Credential Program (subject to course availability)

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Year 1

Fall (18 units)

Spring (18 units)

Summer (6 units)

B121 Essentials of Christian Thought (3)

MA240 Critical Thinking/Quant. Analysis (3)

POL220 US Government (3)

B101 Old Testament Survey I (3)

B102 Old Testament Survey II (3)

H211 World History I (3)

E110 English Composition (3)

C100 Spoken Communication (3)

MU190 Essentials of Music & Art (3)

LS150 Essentials of Biology (3)

ED101 Intro. To Teaching and Learning (3) (Fall only)

B202 New Testament Survey II (3)

MA201 Math Systems for Elementary (3) (Fall only)

Elective 1 (3)

Year 2

Fall (18 units)

Spring (18 units)

Summer (9 units)

ESL351 Principles of Language Acquisition (3) OR

ESL303 Intro to Linguistics (Fall only)

H332 California Past & Present (3) (alternates Spring only)

H212 World History 2 (3)

ED031 Cultural & Linguistic Diversity (3) (Fall only)

Elective 3 (3)

Literature Survey Course (3)

PS261 Physical Science (3) (Fall only)

PS242 Earth Science (3) OR LS150 Geology (3)

BTH321 Christian Theology I (3)

MU431 Music Components & Techniques (3)

ED202 Curriculum & Learning Theory (3) (Spring only)

Elective 2 (3)

Elective 4 (3)

B201 New Testament Survey I (3)

Elective 5(3)

Take CSET Exam I (Reading, Language, & Literature/History & Social Science), CSET Exam II (Science & Mathematics), and CSET Exam III (PE, Human Development, VAPA) prior to Year 3

Year 3

Fall (18 units)

Spring (18 units)

ECN200 Econ & Society (3)

ED410 Tech Uses in Education (3)

H230 US History (3)

P321 Philosophies & History of Education (3)

Elective 6 (3)

SS381 Cultural Geography (3) (alternates Spring only)

E322 Children’s Literature (3) (Fall only; Seniors only)

ART330 Art Components & Techniques (3) (Spring only; Seniors only)

KPE415 PE & Health Components (2)

HU312 Disciplinary Connections (3) (Spring only)

BTH322 Christian Theology II (3)

ED402 LS Senior Capstone (3) (take in final semester)

Science Lab (1)

Apply to the Credential Program in Spring of Year 3

Year 4 – Teaching Credential Program

Fall (16 units)

Spring (14 units)

Credential methods courses (16 units)

ED580 or ED590 Student Teaching (12)

ED570 Colloquium (2)

Potential Careers

  • High School Teacher

  • Middle School Teacher

  • Kindergarten Teacher

  • Single or Multi-Subject Teaching

  • Missions and Missionary Work

Core Courses

English/Communication: 18-24 units
Science/Mathematics: 18-24 units
Social Science: 18-24 units
Humanities/Fine Arts: 24 units
ED402 Liberal Studies Senior Capstone
ED101 Intro. to Teaching & Learning
ED202 Curriculum & Learning Theory
ED301 Cultural/Linguistic Diversity
ED410 Technology Uses in Education
KPE415 P.E. Components & Techniques

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