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Students who choose Master’s are not just wanting to pay for a degree but to invest in true education. That’s why we strive to offer students a Christ-centered education within the financial reach of all and endeavor to keep costs as low as possible. Consequently, our tuition is among the most economical for a private university.

  • 98% of on-campus students receive financial assistance (2018-19)
  • $7.2 million in institutional aid awarded annually

When calculating university costs, be sure to consider the total cost. Consider items like: books and supplies, transportation, and personal spending money. While these amounts vary with each student, it can raise the total cost of education above the published tuition and room and board amounts. Fortunately, when computing a student’s financial need, we take all these costs into consideration. The Master’s University is a leading university for affordability and graduation rates.

More Affordable Tuition at TMU is more affordable by about 30.5% compared to the average tuition cost at 15 other private Christian universities in California. Our average total cost is more affordable by about 22.7%. (October 2018)

More Successful Our 61.2% student graduation rate leads compared to average Christian colleges (52.9%), and almost doubles the rate of students at public institutions (32.8%) ( 2019). This is credited to high-quality academics, small class sizes, and academic resources. Graduating on schedule means paying less for school, graduating with less debt, and starting one’s career faster.

More Freedom TMU strives to help every student and family attain an affordable tuition package through scholarships, grants, and a wide variety of aid. In 2019, our personalized financial aid options allowed 67% of students to graduate with less than $20,000 in loan debt, compared with the national average of $29,800, and many students are also able to graduate with zero debt. During a time when student loan debt is as high as ever, TMU is recognized by the Department of Education for creating an environment where the burden of student loan debt repayment is much less than at almost every other campus in the country. Additionally, TMU has been recognized in LendEDU’s 2019 annual report on student loan default rates for having one of the lowest default rates not only in California but the entire country as well. Nationwide, the default rate at Master’s University placed in the 90th percentile.”

Director of Financial Aid, Kenneth Piester, shares 10 short helpful videos on common financial aid topics:

Annual Expense (2020-2021)

Tuition ( 12-18 Units )$27,950
Board ( 14 Meal Plan )$5,000
Tuition/Room/Board Total$39,450

Example Outcomes

These are three fictional examples of financial aid packages. Scholarships, grants and aid will be unique to each individual. Examples may vary based on the presented need and merit qualifications.

Example 1
Low income California resident, parent is full-time Pastor or Missionary
TMU Academic$5,500
Pastor/Missionary Dependent (PMD) Grant$1,000
Subsidized Loan$3,500
Unsubsidized Loan$2,000

Total Aid Received$28,279
Total Cost Of Tuition + Room & Board$39,450

Annual Tuition Due-
Annual Room & Board Due$11,171
Your Monthly Cost (10 month plan)$1,117

Recommendation: ask about on-campus or work study positions to earn up to $1,000/month or more to cover your monthly expenses.

Example 2
Mid-income California resident living off-campus
TMU Academic$5,500
Subsidized Loan$3,500
Unsubsidized Loan$2,000

Total Aid Received$20,084
Total Cost Of Tuition$27,950

Annual Tuition Due$7,866
Annual Room & Board Due-
Your Monthly Cost (10 month plan)$787

Attention: the cost of living off-campus in California can be substantially higher than living on-campus. Be sure to calculate this into your expenses.

Example 3
Out Of State Resident with a high GPA
President's Scholarship$14,000
Alumni Scholarship$1,000
Subsidized Loan$3,500
Unsubsidized Loan$2,000

Total Aid Received$27,695
Total Cost Of Tuition + Room & Board$39,450

Annual Tuition Due$255
Annual Room & Board Due$11,755
Your Monthly Cost (10 month plan)$1,201

Recommendation: ask about on-campus or work study positions, and inquire about additional department or major specific scholarships.

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