J. Gregory Behle

Professor of Christian Education


Biblical Studies



Dr. J. Gregory Behle’s professional experience centers on higher education. Over the past twenty-nine years, he has demonstrated expertise as an administrator, professor, grant-writer, researcher, and author. He is a five-time recipient of The Master’s College “Professor-of-the-Year” Award. He has served as an adjunct professor at the University of Southern California and at Biola University. He has also served and consulted on doctoral committees at several major universities. He has innovated and developed college programs that have generated millions of dollars in revenue, successfully written grant proposals, and consulted in higher education. He maintains an aggressive research agenda that focuses on the foundations of higher education; historical aspects of student life and culture; access to higher education; and the role of religion in higher education. He is particularly noted for his work on the early history of the University of Illinois and the historiography of the land-grant college movement. His publications and reviews have appeared in Perspectives on the History of Higher Education, Christian Education Journal, The Master’s Seminary Journal, History of Education Quarterly, Christian Higher Education, Journal of American History, and History of Higher Education Annual.

Dr. Behle is a member of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), Illinois State Historical Society, and the History of Education Society. He has been inducted into Phi Delta Kappa, the international educational honor fraternity.

Specialties: Academic Administration; Strategic Planning; Program Innovation & Implementation; Research in American Higher Education, History of Higher Education, History of the Land-Grant Universities, History of the University of Illinois from 1867 to 1894, Philosophy of Higher Education, Religion in Higher Education, History and Philosophy of the United States Military Academies, History and Geography of Israel (Ancient & Modern)



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