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Emergencies: 911

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Welcome to Campus Safety

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Campus Safety is to serve and protect the people and property of The Master’s University.

Core Values

The Department of Campus Safety is committed to recruiting high integrity employees, exceeding the standards of the private security industry, and conducting ourselves at all times in a manner that accords with our community’s shared Christian values.

Our pledge to the campus community is to serve and protect with:

  • Professionalism: To excel as a capable and skilled university public safety team

  • Customer Service: To excel as a courteous and friendly university public safety team

  • Effectiveness: To excel as a competent and efficient university public safety team

TMU Alert

TMU Alert is an emergency notification system that allows university officials to contact you during an emergency by sending messages via text message.

When an emergency occurs, authorized TMU officials will promptly notify you with instructions on where to go, what to do (or what not to do), whom to contact and other important information.

Students and employees may opt-in to TMU Alert by navigating to Self-Service / My Profile / Phone Numbers and adding or updating your primary cell phone number.

Training Presentations

The following video presentations are provided as a service to the campus community:

Student Film: TMU Campus Safety Department

Shots Fired On Campus Training Presentation

LASD: Surviving An Active Shooter Training Presentation

Twitter Feed

Follow @TMUCampusSafety for recent reports of crime and safety concerns on campus

Campus Community “Need to know”

2017 The Master’s University Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

Campus Safety and Security Survey on Department of Education Website

Title IX Information

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

Campus Safety Codes (Vehicle and Safety Policies)

Campus Map

Golf Cart Safety Training

National Terrorism Advisory System


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Real Time Traffic- SIG Alerts

Welcome to The Master’s University!

The campus safety department provides the day to day public safety services for the university. In addition to working full-time for the campus safety department, many of our employees are full time students taking classes here on campus or at the Seminary in Sun Valley, also led by our President, John MacArthur. All that to say, I want you to know that you are served by a group of officers who are not only concerned for your personal safety but genuinely have a servant’s heart for you to grow in Christ.

The campus safety department maintains a 24 hour presence on the university property, and the main campus guard shack is located across the street from the MacArthur Center at the entrance to the residential housing area. You will frequently see our officers on foot or vehicle patrols in and around the campus or within the guard shack. There is also an administrative office located on the north academic campus that is open during general business hours, where you may gain assistance with any permitting or other business.

The Master’s University is blessed to be located within a quiet, residential community, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department charts our geographical area within a low to negligible crime zone. It is not uncommon to see horses being ridden down the sides of the road from one of the many beautiful ranches, or neighbors buzzing past our campus on golf carts. There is even a historic movie studio located a ½ mile down Placerita Canyon Road called Melody Ranch where John Wayne films were made, and some Western movies are still filmed today. Please drive the side streets slowly and carefully. We work hard to maintain an excellent Christian testimony with the many homeowners that surround our campus property.

It is our joy to serve you and we hope to make your years at TMU as safe and secure as we possibly can. We have a motto in the campus safety department and hope that both you and your parents embrace it. It is based on Psalm 127:1, “Unless the LORD guards the city, the watchman keeps awake in vain.” We place our trust in the hands of our sovereign God, and look upon ourselves as one of many means He uses on this campus to bless and grow you, for His glory and your good.

Please click on the many links from our home page for important safety information related to our parking and general regulations, and more!

Again, on behalf of the entire public safety team I want to personally welcome you as a student of The Master’s University!

C. Powell Director of Campus Safety The Master’s College 661.362.2208

The Campus Safety Department works in close partnership with the Los Angeles County Fire and Sheriff’s Department, who have stations within close proximity to the University. The Campus Safety Department plays one part in a larger Emergency Management Plan which the college incorporates to facilitate effective coordination of resources in any emergency. In the event of a life threatening emergency, cellular text messages to registered users will be distributed to communicate important instructions on how Faculty, Staff, and Students should respond.

Dare to Prepare

Questions or Comments

  • E-mail:

  • Guard Shack: (661) 362-2500

Daily Crime and Fire Log

The Daily Crime & Fire Log includes a record of all crimes reported to campus safety that occurred anywhere within the department’s patrol jurisdiction and all fires reportedly occurring in the residence halls over the past 60 days. The log is designed to provide timelier details and greater information to the campus community than the annual statistical disclosures.

The most recent 60 days of the log is available on the campus safety web page but the log is also available for public inspection upon request during regular business hours at the campus safety business office. Older portions of the log are available within two business days of request at the same location. Note: If a log entry disposition changes after 60 days have passed the log may not reflect those changes.

Daily Crime and Fire Log