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Undergraduate Transfer Students

TMU strives to offer students a Christ-centered education within reach for all. We aim to keep tuition affordable while providing flexibility for transfer students. To that end, we have updated our transfer requirements to help make transferring to TMU seamless and help students graduate more quickly.

Students with community college classes, AP units, an Associate degree, those enrolled in athletic programs, online classes, or with other transferable classes, may apply or request transcript re-evaluation for semesters in 2022 (or later) by sending transcripts to an admissions counselor for academic advising at any time.

  • • 40% of TMU undergraduate students transfer in credits.
  • • TMU transfer policies make transferring easy and flexible.
  • • We recognize completion of IGETC (CSU, UC) or BREADTH.
  • • Additional support for students with 24 or more transferable units.

See details below in our transfer FAQ, call or text our transfer office with any questions, and see the application checklist below to get started.

Application Checklist


Complete Your Application

Online Application

Complete and submit an application online. It saves your progress if you need to continue later. Your application will include:

  1. Two personal statements, about 500 words each.
  2. Pastor Recommendation. The form will be automatically emailed to your pastor when you are prompted on the application. Read: Why does TMU require personal statements and recommendations?

Test Scores: transfer students do not need to submit ACT, CLT, or SAT scores.



Check to see if your school has an articulation agreement here:

Articulations (see “Transfer Courses”)

This is how you will know which of the classes you already completed will be accepted by TMU specifically from your school. We recommend only taking classes from this list, since it is guaranteed that they will transfer to TMU.

TMU currently has articulation agreements with colleges in the following states: Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington.

If your college is not listed, simply e-mail us at for approval, including these two items in your message:

  • (1) Name of the college

  • (2) Name/code/description of the course(s)

If you are ordering your transcripts through Parchment, our school name is spelled precisely as: “Master`s University And Seminary” (you may want to copy+paste)



Once you are admitted, TMU will have your official transcript evaluated by our registrar and let you know the official results.

Your financial aid application will be automatically submitted to our financial aid office. This does not include the FAFSA, so be sure to complete it at with our Federal School Code 001220. Students may also complete additional applications for Music, Athletics, and outside scholarships.

We offer merit-based scholarships, need-based grants, and federal/state Aid. In general, all aid is awarded up to 4 years/8 semesters and evenly disbursed between the two semesters.

Financial Aid Total Cost Calculator

Transfer FAQ

We have added some of the most commonly asked questions here. Find the full FAQ here in the Knowledge Base:

Knowledge Base

Do I need to read a doctrinal statement or handbook?

Yes. The Master’s University is a remarkable place. It is a place that celebrates the Lordship of Christ and the sufficiency of His Word to address every academic discipline and detail of life. The mission of The Master’s University is to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God worldwide. Before continuing, we encourage you to read and pray through our doctrinal statement and student handbook:

  • Read the TMU Doctrinal Statement here

  • Read the TMU Student Handbook here

How many units do I need to be considered a transfer student?

You need to have at least 24 units post highschool, in order to be considered a transfer student.

How many units will TMU allow me to transfer in?

Up to 70 units from a community college.

Up to 94 units from another accredited university.

Am I required to take Bible courses at TMU?

Transfer students who have satisfied ALL of the requirements for either IGETC (UC or CSU) or BREADTH prior to enrolling at TMU will be considered to have their non-Bible GE class requirements complete. No further non-Bible GE classes will be required at TMU.

Bible General Education. Transfers with ≥ 24 units will only need to satisfy one Bible course per semester of enrollment until graduation. The first five, in any sequence, must be Old Testament Survey I & II, New Testament Survey I & II, Christian Theology I & II, and Essentials of Christian Thought (ECT).

Fall 2022+: Beginning with the Fall 2022 semester, students transferring 60 units or more will only need to satisfy one Bible course per semester of enrollment until graduation. The first four, in any sequence, must be Old Testament Survey I and II and New Testament Survey I and II, followed by Christian Theology I and II and Essentials of Christian Thought. Students transferring less than 60 units must complete all 21 units of the G.E. Scripture set prior to graduation. However, some bible coursework completed at other institutions may be accepted by the Registrar’s Office to satisfy TMU’s G.E. requirements. Each of these required classes is also offered via TMU Online in 8-week Online classes, as well as in winterim and postsession courses

How do I know if my classes are going to transfer to TMU?

Check out our articulation agreement page on the website. We have a list of schools that we accept specific general education classes from.

If your college is not listed, please submit the name of the college, the name/code/description of the course(s) to for approval.

Will my major specific classes be accepted?

The department chair of the desired major will evaluate each class individually. To do so, they will need the school name, course code, and brief description of the classes you are trying to transfer to TMU. Contact your Admissions Counselor for further information and instructions.

Do I still need to take the ACT or SAT?

If a student has taken at least 24 units post high school graduation, they do not need to send SAT or ACT scores, unless otherwise requested.

What financial aid is available as a transfer student?

A student can get a very accurate estimate of what academic scholarships are available (make sure to choose the transfer tab, not freshmen) by clicking below:

As a transfer student, your scholarship is based solely off of your GPA. No SAT or ACT is required, unless otherwise requested.

What is the full transfer policy at TMU?

The full transfer policy and details is available here:

This includes:

    • Transfer Credit Policies
    • Credit Limits for Non-Traditional TMU Coursework
    • Credit by Examination
    • AP Information & Policies
    • CLEP Information & Policies

Don’t hesitate to call or write. We are here to help!


Application Deadlines

Application Opens

Complete your application starting September 1 for the Fall 2021 semester. Students applying for on-campus undergraduate programs apply here.

Sep 1

Financial Aid Opens

Complete your federal student aid by creating an ‘FSA ID’ now at TMU’s federal school code is 001220

Oct 1

Virtual Preview Day

Prospective and admitted students and families are invited to join the Virtual Preview Day Q&A session via Zoom! at 3:30 p.m. PDT. Register Now

Oct 1

Early Application Deadline

Applications submitted after November 1 will incur a $40 application fee

Nov 1

Financial Aid Priority Deadline

Complete your FAFSA before this date to qualify for the maximum amount of aid.

Mar 2

National Decision Deadline

Complete your deposit and commit for Fall 2021

May 1

Admitted Students Day (ASD)

Admitted Students and Families are welcome on-campus for a special event. Register Now

Apr 22

Week Of Welcome (WOW)

Orientation week prior to the start of Fall Classes. Learn More

Last Week of August

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