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Admissions Process for Homeschool Students

We love helping students transition into life at Master’s and our homeschool students are no different. At TMU, we seek to build upon the biblical foundation and truth-centered education you have grown to value. With roughly 1/3 of our on-campus population coming from a homeschool background, we have extensive experience aiding students in the admissions process. If at any point you have questions about your application, please feel free to call our office. Each admissions counselor is ready to assist you and make your admission to the University as simple as possible.

Since 1927, the mission of The Master’s University has been to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God worldwide. Homeschool families, here are a few more reasons why you should choose TMU:

30% Of all TMU undergraduate students come from a homeschool background

-26% Tuition reset makes TMU among the nation’s most affordable private 4-year Christian schools

Biblical Fidelity All classes and student life are uncompromisingly defined by biblical inerrancy

28% Higher Graduation Rate vs. Public Institutions Students at TMU graduate in 4 years at a higher rate (61.2%) than average Christian Colleges (52.9%), and almost at double the rate of students at public institutions (32.8%) (source: cccu.org, 2019)

TOP Ranked Student Life rated #2 Nationwide “Most Inspirational” by Wall Street Journal and “A” Grade Niche.com

#1 “Right Choice” University (Wall Street Journal 2017 & 2018)

TOP 10 Christian Universities and TOP 15% Colleges with the Best Academics in California (Niche.com, 2019)

100% required Statement of Faith and Pastoral Recommendation for Admissions

3.6 GPA average for new applicants

95% graduate school acceptance rate

All right here in sunny Southern California, close to both the mountains and the beach, with endless career opportunities, and consistently rated among the nation’s safest campuses. See the campus and visit days here. We look forward to welcoming you!

John MacArthur on Home School

Homeschool Admission Requirements:

  • Faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord

  • Minimum high school GPA of 2.75 (The average incoming GPA at TMU is between 3.5-3.6)

  • Minimum SAT score of 1020 (combined critical reading / math) or minimum ACT score of 21. Average SAT score is 1150 and average ACT score is 24 Note: The essay portions of both exams are not required. TMU also accepts the CLT

  • High School Diploma with required coursework as demonstrated on your transcript.

High School Requirements:

  • 4 Years of English

  • 3 Years of Math

  • 2 Years of History

  • 2 Years of Science

(Foreign Language is encouraged but not required for admittance) Note: For prospective Biology majors, students are encouraged to take as many challenging science courses as possible with at least one year of biology and one year of chemistry. Physics and Calculus will also be helpful in preparing potential biology students.

College Credit

Students may take courses for college credit between tenth and twelfth grade. See our list of articulation agreements to determine which classes apply to general education requirements. (Link: http://www.masters.edu/registrar/#articulations). Official transcripts from each college or university are required to receive transferrable credit. CLEP, AP, and IB units are accepted. Maximum number of CLEP units is 18 and maximum combined CLEP, AP, and IB units is 32 units.

Application Checklist


1. Complete your Online Application:

Create Account

Create an “account” at the link above or on the “apply now” page. This account (typically referred to as a ‘portal’) is where a student can reference their application and see what documents are still outstanding for admission. Complete and submit an application here.


Personal Statements:

The Master’s University requires two personal statements as part of the application process (approx. 300-500 words each), so plan accordingly. These are included in the online application and an application will not be reviewed until essays are submitted.


Pay Application Fee

A $40 application fee is required for all applications. The fee will be waived for Fall applications submitted before November 15.


Pastor Recommendation Form:

Must be completed by non-relative within your church. The recommendation can be filled out by a head pastor, associate pastor, youth pastor, or elder. The form is sent directly to the pastor by inputting the pastor’s email address when prompted on the application.


Official transcripts

Transcripts must be requested from current or most recent school. Transcripts may be emailed to admissions@masters.edu or mailed directly to

Office of Admissions 21726 Placerita Canyon Rd., Newhall, CA 91321

If you are ordering your transcripts through Parchment, our school name is spelled precisely as: “Master`S University And Seminary” (you may want to copy+paste)

Notes on homeschool Transcripts:

A homeschool transcript should include each class studied beginning in ninth grade with a letter grade assigned each class. Use a credit system to calculate GPA. The transcript should be current through the date of applying and a final transcript must be submitted upon completion of schooling. Final transcripts must include graduation date.

If the transcript is produced by the parent, then a parental signature is required along with date of signing. Please include only the last four digits of the student’s social security number on the transcript.

For a recommended transcript example, please click here

The GED or California Proficiency Exam are accepted in absence of a final transcript.


ACT or SAT scores

waived for transfer applicants

  1. Send ACT scores HERE

  2. Send SAT scores HERE

  3. College Board Code for SAT – 4411

  4. College Board Code for ACT - 0303


Application Deadlines

Fall 2019 application opens.

Create your TMU account today (Create Account) and get ready to start

Sept 1, 2018


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Oct 1, 2018

Application Deadline

Apply before February 1, 2019 to qualify for early application benefits.

Feb 1, 2019

Financial Aid Awarded

Early applications will receive their financial aid packages first.


President Scholarship Deadline

Apply for TMU’s largest and most prestigious scholarship.

Feb 19, 2019

Financial Aid Deadline

Apply for CalGrant and Federal Aid before this date.

March 2, 2019

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