April 22nd at 3 PM (Pacific Time) on Zoom

Congratulations to our Fall 2021 Admitted Students! Come celebrate with us, learn more about our school, and meet some of our staff and faculty. Students, friends, and family are invited to join. This virtual event is split into two sections. The first half is for all students, and the second half will break into groups according to majors!

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The following breakout rooms will be open immediately after ASD. At that time, you navigate back to this page and select your room:

  • Breakout room 1, Biblical Counseling with Dr. Greg Gifford
  • Breakout room 2, Biblical Studies with Dr. Tom Halstead
  • Breakout room 3, Pearl C. Schaffer School of Education with Dr. Jordan Morton
  • Breakout room 4, English with Dr. Esther Chua & Dr. Hurt Hild
  • Breakout room 5, Mathematics with Dr. Michael Button
  • Breakout room 6, Communication & Digital Arts with Dr. Bob Dickson
  • Breakout room 7, Business with Dr. Dwight Ham
  • Breakout room 8, Science & Health with Dr. Joe Francis
  • Breakout room 9, Classical Liberal Arts with Dr. Grant Horner
  • Breakout room 10, Engineering & Computer Science with Dr. David Crater
  • Breakout room 11, Geoscience with Dr. Matt McLain
  • Breakout room 12, History with Dr. Clyde Greer
  • Breakout room 13, Israel Bible Extension (IBEX) with Dr. Jason Beals
  • Breakout room 14, Kinesiology with David Larsen
  • Breakout room 15, Marketing Media with Dr. John Beck
  • Breakout room 16, Political Studies with Dr. Gregg Frazer
  • Breakout room 17, Music with Dr. Paul Plew
  • Breakout room 18, Sport Management with Dr. Wayne Rasmussen

Questions? Call 661-452-6739, text 661-748-0266, or email us at admissions@masters.edu

To see the next steps for admitted students, click here.

  • How long is the event? The first section will last 45m-1hour; the second section will depend on the faculty and groups.

  • Will the event be recorded? The first section of the event will be recorded.

  • Do I receive an advantage in pre-registration for joining ASD? Participants of ASD do not get preferential advantages for pre-registration or enrollment. They will, however, have access to the raffles in ASD.

  • I’m an undeclared major, what should I do for the second section of ASD? We would recommend the Biblical Studies section because this will give you a great overview of the general education requirements.

  • This event is virtual, but can I visit the campus in person? Yes, we’d love to welcome you and your family for a personalized visit, sign up free here.

  • I am admitted, can I preregister now? Yes, you can pre-register now to select your housing and other preferences here. If you don’t know your login, it’s listed on the first page of your application portal here. If you need help, just contact your admissions counselor.

  • Where can I see more about the dorms? Browse the Resident Life page.

  • I am admitted, can enroll into classes now? You will be able to do so starting April 12th. Before enrolling, you can see and plan out your degree checklist here.

  • I would like to apply for additional financial aid, what do I do? Financial Aid is available on a rolling basis, so explore the options here and make sure to reach out to your admissions counselor.

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