Example Courses

English Literature I, II - E211, E212

A chronological survey of the development of English literature, with emphasis on the major writers; some attention to the parallel developments in history, language, religion, and culture. First semester: Anglo-Saxon period through the Neoclassical period. Second semester: Romantic period through contemporary period.

Advanced Composition - E330

An advanced writing course emphasizing theory and praxis of composition. Special attention given to the five canons of Classical Rhetoric (i.e. invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery) to develop conceptual depth in content and to broaden and refine stylistic and organizational repertoire in expression. Involves extensive practice in writing (rewriting) and oral presentation of the work. May not be counted as a G.E. General Literature Elective.

Age of Romanticism - E313

A study of the poetry and prose of the major writers of the English Romantic Movement (1785-1830) with a view to understand their lives, work, and literary importance. Selected minor writers and one novel are also included.

The Short Story - E334

A study of short fiction from masters of the short story genre. Explores the fictional elements, techniques, themes, and interpretation of representative works from classic and contemporary authors. Includes attention to the historical development of the genre. Fulfills G.E. General Literature Elective.