Example Courses

Studies in Classic Film - E299

An introduction to film history, technique, and theory, with an emphasis on genre conventions. Students will study approximately 12 feature-length and several shorter films, with particular attention to how the technical and artistic elements such as cinematography, plot, and direction control meaning and worldview. The focus of the course is on developing a biblical-critical-analytical approach to film viewing, resulting in discernment of the philosophical foundations of individual works.

Drama as Literature - E333

A study of selected works of Western playwrights from ancient to modern. Concurrently, this genre course explores the history, nature, and types of drama, especially the tragic and comic traditions, as well as the rise of new forms. Fulfills G.E. General Literature Elective.

Studies in John Calvin - E404

This is a study of the life and work of the great magisterial Reformer. The approach will be that of an “intellectual history” course, featuring biographical, literary, theological, and philosophic content concerning the man and his times. Specific attention is paid to Calvin’s status as a master 16th century literary Humanist who guided the systematic intellectual development of Reformation thought.

Literary Criticism & Critical Theory - E435

An introduction to literary criticism and theoretical/conceptual systems from the Pre-Socratics and Plato to modern and emerging postmodern thinking. Readings in primary texts, with emphasis on developing a biblical-critical theory for approaching literature, philosophy, art, culture, and theory itself. This basic theoretical model will derive from the scriptural record regarding human wisdom and knowledge.