Standard Registration Process

STEP 1: Take a Look at the Modular Schedule

You can find the Modular Schedule below. Please take a look at it before you select your classes in registration, as it will give you the specific classes you need to sign up for with respect to this coming module.

STEP 2: Register for Classes

Once you know which classes you need to take based off of the Modular Schedule, you are ready to register for classes. Click the button below to start the registration process. You will need to fill out a pre-registration form first and then you can select your classes.

STEP 3: Log into Canvas

Once you are registered for classes, you can log into Canvas and see the courses you signed up for. Click the button below to navigate to Canvas. It may take a day or two for these classes to appear in your Canvas account after you register for them, so give it some time if needs be. You also may not see a syllabus or any content in your course just yet. Please be patient as it takes our team time to get this material ready each semester, but everything you need for your classes should appear in your Canvas pages before the first day of class.

STEP 4: Get Your Textbooks

If your Canvas course home pages aren’t prepared for the upcoming semester just yet and you’re looking to find out what books you need to obtain for a class, you can always check out our textbook listings for each course below.