Steps to Apply

1. Meet All Eligibility Requirements

Students must meet all eligibility requirements listed on the page below to be admitted into the Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Counseling program.

2. Fill out an Application

The application will ask standard questions, including the following categories: Personal, Contact, Family, Education History, Employment History, Church, etc. The application will also ask you to write your personal testimony and require you to answer several short answer questions about some key theological positions as well as your involvement with your local church and your reason to pursue Graduate Studies with us.

Your application needs to be completed by a certain date depending on the semester you have chosen to start the program. See the chart below to see when you need to have your application completed by…


FallJuly 1April 15
SpringNovember 1July 15
SummerMarch 1December 15
3. Upload a 15-20 Page Writing Sample

In the application, you will be prompted to upload a 15–20 page writing sample of previous academic work, demonstrating graduate study proficiency. There is no assigned topic for this writing sample—you are free to submit a paper you have already written for another class or program. However, be advised that in reviewing this writing sample, the DMinBC Admissions Committee will look not only for content, but also for acceptable formatting, syntax, grammar, and citation. Instructions and exceptions are described in the application.

4. Provide 3 References

In the application, you will be prompted to provide the names and email addresses of three different references—Pastor or Elder, Ministry Peer, Personal (for the most part, these references should be non-relatives). Once you provide the name and the email address of the reference in the application, our system will automatically send the reference the appropriate electronic form and your reference can complete that form without having to confer with you. If the reference delays in filling out the form, there will be an option when you sign in to the application again to remind the reference with another email or change the reference.

5. Pay a $50 Application Fee

Upon application submission, you will be prompted to pay the application fee ($50) through our electronic portal via PayPal (a PayPal account is not required). If you cannot complete the payment using our electronic portal, you may mail in your application fee to this address (all checks can be made out to The Master’s University):

Office of Graduate Studies, Box #50
21726 Placerita Canyon Road
Santa Clarita, CA 91321

6. Complete the Additional Doctrinal Questions Form

Once your application is complete, you should receive an email with a link asking you fill out a form separate from the application that asks you a few key controversial doctrinal questions. The completion of this form is required in order to receive admission into the program.

7. Reach out to Your Institutions for Official Transcripts

Before the application is finished, you will have been instructed to include the names of the institutions you went to for your bachelor’s degree or other degrees you may have pursued. Upon submission of the application, the application will create a list of these institutions. Please use this list to reach out to these institutions and obtain official transcripts from them.

Official transcripts refer to transcripts originally produced by the institution (not photo-copies) that are sent directly from one institution to another using a secure method, and have been unopened by you or anyone else.

Most institutions can send secure official transcripts using one of three methods…

  • A secure online portal. Some institutions upload transcripts into a third-party cloud storage service that password protects the transcript. Once you, the student, orders these transcripts, they will upload your transcript to this system and send our institution a link to it with a special temporary passcode to unlock and retrieve it.
  • A sealed envelope through the mail. Other institutions prefer to send hard-copies of transcripts through the mail. The envelope should not be sent to you. It must be sent directly from your institution to ours and be unopened when it arrives. If your institution prefers this method of transfer, please have them send your transcripts to the address below.
  • An evaluation service (for international students). If your institution is located outside of the United States and you need to have your transcripts evaluated to see if they meet our accreditation standards, you will not need to have your institution send us official copies of your transcript using either of the two methods above. The evaluation that is produced by the third-party evaluation service will suffice once it is delivered. For more information about how to have your international transcripts evaluated, see Transcript Evaluation under International Student Requirements (a link is provided below.

Office of Graduate Studies, Box #50
21726 Placerita Canyon Road
Santa Clarita, CA 91321

What's Next?

We Will Review Your Application

After completing the application process and submitting all the necessary items, such as transcripts and recommendations, then your application will be ready for review by our Admissions Committee. The committee might take up to 3–4 weeks to review incoming files for admission. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

We Will Make a Decision about Admission

Once the application is review by every member of the Admissions Committee, a final decision will be made and you will be notified via email. Assuming the Admissions Committee grants you acceptance, you will be instructed to pay a $250 deposit that will act as payment toward your first class(es). We will not be able to finalize setting up your new student account until the deposit is paid. You will be granted the opportunity to pay the deposit electronically through our service provider upon accepting the offer of admission, or you may send the deposit by mail to the address listed above.