We train men and women to counsel the most serious issues in life with God's sufficient Word under the authority of the local church.

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2 Years

The DMinBC is a 2-year program for full-time students, but can be completed in 3-6 years for part-time students. The flexible format includes both distance and local options.

Program Formats

17 Classes

Courses are taught by our faculty who have decades of counseling, pastoral, and classroom experience.

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Our flexible and affordable tuition structure keeps costs low, and also allows access to scholarships and financial aid.

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Faculty Profiles

John D. Street

John D. Street

Chair, Graduate Program of Biblical Counseling

Dr Street is the author of Passions of the Heart and The Biblical Counseling Guide for Women.

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Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott

Professor, Graduate Program of Biblical Counseling

Dr Scott is the author of The Exemplary Husband and Counseling the Hard Cases.

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Shelbi L. Cullen

Shelbi L. Cullen

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Women's Ministries

Dr Cullen is the author of numerous counseling articles and blogs and also a co-host for the Women’s Hope Podcast featured on The Master’s University website

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Recommended Books

Our current full-time professors have written several books and articles in the field of biblical counseling.

31 Ways to Be a “One-Another’ Christian: Loving Others with the Love of Jesus

31 Ways to Be a “One-Another’ Christian: Loving Others with the Love of Jesus

Dr. Stuart Scott
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The Biblical Counseling Guide for Women

The Biblical Counseling Guide for Women

Dr. John D. Street and Janie Street
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Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

Our program incorporates all requirements for ACBC certification so that our students graduate with both an accredited master’s degree and complete certification as biblical counselors.

Synchronous "Live" Lectures

Distance students can take advantage of our powerful new software that allows you to attend a “live” class from home:

  • Interact with your professor and fellow students as if they are present in your home.
  • Ask your professor questions and unique counseling cases as they relate to the lecture and class discussion.
  • Benefit from the contributions of others without the delay of written forums.


  • Sufficiency of Scripture: We unequivocally believe that the Bible is inerrant, infallible, and sufficient for men and women's soul-related problems. Christian psychology has no place in true biblical counseling. The Bible is sufficient for all of the spiritual issues that men and women face (2 Peter 1:3-4; 2 Timothy 3:16-17).
  • Hermeneutics: We teach that literal and precise Bible interpretation is essential to God-honoring biblical counseling. When you join our program, you will know the Bible, how to use the Bible properly, and will be able to help people through serious issues with the Bible.
  • Local Church: We emphasize biblical counseling as a ministry of the local church first and foremost. We also prepare students to partner with para-church organizations that esteem the church’s place to shepherd people in community.​​​
  • Marriage & Family: We help train our students to help failing marriages. We are also complementarian in our view of husband-wife relationship and stress the divine wisdom of God in His creation of mankind with two sexes, equal in dignity before him, but having differing roles in marriage and the family.​​​
  • ACBC: Our program guides all students through certification with ACBC so that every graduate emerges from the program with both an MA degree and certification with ACBC.
  • Theology: We are non-denominational (but reformed in our soteriology) and so have a great spectrum of students from different evangelical ecclesiological traditions. However, we are distinct mostly in the counseling realm in the United States on a more dispensational and premillennial view of Scripture. We also hold strongly to 6 literal day creation and cessationism (i.e. the sign gifts have ceased after the apostolic era of the church).

The teaching that I received also transformed my pastoral ministry. I developed a greater dependence on the Lord and a greater confidence in His Word to minister to people of varying life stages and spiritual maturity.

Program Statistics & Distinctives


500 Graduates Worldwide

Since the launch of the program in 1996, graduates around the world are using their MABC degree to work in and with churches, para-church organizations, missionaries, healthcare organizations, and more.


Over 400 Written Theses

Our program is saturated with a history of research in biblical counseling, biblical study, and critique of psychological methods to counseling. See the 2020 Thesis Symposium & Zoom here


Over 20,000 Supervised Counseling Hours

Students conduct real and practical counseling, applying and advancing their learning while providing needed biblical counseling under faculty guidance.

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