Practical strategies for being an agent of influence.

Truth & Life 2022: January 12-14 at The Master’s University

Featuring Gregg Koukl, John MacArthur, and Abner Chou.

Watch the Livestream and recorded sessions on YouTube.

The Truth & Life Conference takes place every January. TMU students, faculty, staff, and alumni join for a themed event with teaching, fellowship, and worship. Based on Greg Koukl’s book “Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions,” the theme for 2022 is “Tactics: Practical strategies for being an agent of influence,” preparing us to be the salt and light we are called to be, and equipping us with the tools to be wise, kind, and strategic in our gospel witness.

See the Truth & Life 2021 Conference here: T&L 2021



  • Abner Chou
  • Gregg Koukl
  • John Macarthur


As the students return from winter break, we want to make sure they are encouraged in two specific ways this Truth and Life year – being revived in the Word and refreshed in their fellowship! The schedule will provide plenty of time in corporate worship together, and plenty of time to connect with one another.

Wednesday, January 12
4:30PM Dinner – Mustang Grill
7:00PM Session I – Dr. John MacArthur – MacArthur Center
Thursday, January 13
9:00 AM Session II – Greg Koukl – MacArthur Center
11:00 AM Lunch – Mustang Grill
1:30 PM Session III – Greg Koukl – MacArthur Center
4:30 PM Dinner – Mustang Grill
7:00 PM Session IV – Greg Koukl – MacArthur Center
9:00 PM Snacks & Fellowship – Oaks Pavilion, Dorms
Friday, January 14
9:00 AM Session V – Dr. Abner Chou – MacArthur Center
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