This is TMU: Our Name

The “Master” of The Master’s University is Jesus Christ. “At TMU, Christ is not simply a topic to be studied; He is Lord over every discipline, and every thought is to be taken captive to Him,” wrote interim President Dr. Abner Chou.

TMU is a place that celebrates the lordship of Christ and the sufficiency of His Word to address every academic discipline and detail of life.

At TMU, students are shaped by a thoroughly biblical worldview, which equips them to advance the truth, combat error and promote wisdom. In this way, TMU endeavors to be a distinctively Christian university. This is not a sinless place, but it is a place where students, staff and faculty shape and are shaped by a culture committed to seeing everyone become more like the Master.

In light of this, we affirm and teach that:

• The Bible provides the authoritative base of our curricula, and each academic discipline must be evaluated from a biblical perspective. That which is in harmony with the Word of God is truth and that which contradicts it is in error. We exercise thoughtful Christian liberty where Scripture permits it.

• There is no dichotomy between the sacred and secular; we treat the pursuit of education as an act of worship that honors and glorifies Christ.

• The goal of education is to prepare the whole person. We seek to instill in our students the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for their chosen profession, while cultivating their spiritual growth, strengthening their moral character and developing their abilities as citizens and leaders.

This is TMU: Our Mission

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