Puritan Book Club

This club will be led by Gian Luca Holzer and Yuri Cameron. They will be going over the book, A Body of Divinity, by Thomas Watson. The goal is to research various Puritans and their work and discuss how we can learn from them and apply it to our lives now. They will meet every other Friday in the Legacy Room and challenge one another to memorize Scripture.

Indoor Volleyball

Led by Nick Van Duek and Kevin Iiyama. This club meets in the gym on Sundays from 1-4:30 pm to stay active and have fun by playing indoor volleyball together with the goal of glorifying the Lord through sportsmanship and fellowship.

Martial Arts and Self Defense

This club will be led by Zed Sayo, Stone Swantek, Kirsty Carmichael, and Caleb Darling; they will meet at Tyndale House Garage on Saturdays with a one-hour class and open mat time to follow, beginning at 1:30. They will be helping their peers to learn valuable methods of martial arts and self-defense with the goal of preparing one another to use their bodies in the service of the Lord and protection of themselves and those around them.

Spike Ball

Led by Scotty French and Ashley Ortlip. This club will meet at the intramural sports field on Saturday mornings from 9-11 am and randomly throughout the semester. This will be a fun opportunity to fellowship with peers, strengthening friendships, and create new ones while enjoying the sport of spike ball together. Ashley Ortlip is a certified Spike Ball athlete.


Do you love comics and comic art? This club will be perfect for you. It will be led by Petr Bakhmutsky and meets once a week in an available classroom to appreciate various styles of art and encourage one another to use art as a way of glorifying the Lord.

Books over Breakfast

Mia Canfield will be leading this group of book worms. They meet at the cafeteria every Friday at 7:30 am to fellowship over breakfast and the discussion of books together. It is a great opportunity to dive deep into texts in a relaxed and encouraging environment.

Ultimate Frisbee

Led by The OJ Gibson and Jonathan Balentine. This club meets at the athletic field on Thursdays at 6:15 pm and Sundays at 7:15 pm. There is a fun, unieue, NEON, component to this club. They will be growing friendships while enjoying the growing sport of ultimate frisbee.

TMU Evangelism

This club is organized by Dylan Flannery and meets under the Oaks at 4:00 pm on Fridays. This is a great opportunity to live out the gospel and put our equipping and training to the test. The club goes into the surrounding neighborhoods and social hotspots to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.