Oxford Blue

This is a club for people who are interested in learning and using fountain pens. We will introduce (and explore) the hobby to see how fountain pens can facilitate better note taking, learning, thinking, writing, and organization.

Agriculture Club

The Agriculture Club is a like-minded community passionate about learning and sharing experiences in the realm of agriculture. The club’s overall interests are in the care and cultivation of land and animals. Our aim is to equip students in modern agriculture practices by providing hands-on experience, field studies, and the opportunity to hear from guest speakers. We welcome anyone interested in exploring the timeless practices of being earth’s caretakers through farming, ranching, and gardening. This club meets once a month under the Oaks Pavilion.

Ultimate Frisbee

This club is led by OJ Gibson and Troy Potampa. It meets at the Intramural Field on Saturdays at 3:45pm and at the athletic fields for a glow-in-the-dark game on Sunday nights at 7:45pm. Everyone is welcome, and all skill levels are encouraged to come play! The goal of the club is to facilitate fellowship (and cardio!), improve your skills, and have fun through friendly and competitive games of ultimate frisbee. For reminders and to stay in the loop, text OJ at (805)-340-5160 to join the Ultimate Frisbee text chain.


This club is organized by Dylan Flannery and Nick Caruso. It meets under the Oaks Pavilion every Friday at 4:00pm. This is a great opportunity to live out the gospel and put our equipping and training to the test. The club goes out into local and social hotspots like the nearby train station and parks to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. The group returns to the fire pit under the Oaks Pavilion by 5:30pm to debrief and recap the afternoon. If you have any questions, you can email Nick at .

Disc Golf Club

This club is led by Ethan Churchill and Paul Kopp. It meets on Fridays at 7:15am at the Hotchkiss Pool, and it is completely free to join! The club is designed for anyone wanting to get outside, exercise, fellowship with believers, and utilize our campus’ disc golf course. The club plans on entering players to compete in local tournaments to meet others and share the gospel as well as utilizing some of the amazing disc golf courses in our local community.

Accounting Society

This club is led by Kathryn Isenhower and Aaron Roidt. It meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday from 7:30-9:30pm in the Business Center or at an off-campus location. The club’s goal is to help bridge the gap from a classroom setting to the business world by building connections and relationships with professors and local accounting firms. This club is designed for anyone interested in pursuing a career in accounting or the business field after college.

Master of the Diagonal

This club is led by Prince Abbey and meets on Fridays or Saturdays. They are devoted to improving their chess skills and enjoy organized tournaments. As club members Improve they will be ranked to promote competitiveness and intentional practice.

Mechanical Engineering

This club is led by Kevan Ross and meets at 2pm on Fridays. The group is designing an electric motor bike from the ground up including electronic circuit board design. Students going interested in the field of engineering are encouraged to come and get connected.