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Join The Master’s International Community

The Master’s University is a truly Global Experience. 2,500+ TMUS students with around 1,000 on-campus in undergraduate programs, coming from all around the world and typically including 40 different countries and 40 different states.

The unique cultures, languages, and experiences bring a great asset to our campus by providing new perspectives on life. They remind us that our God is a great God who is at work in people’s hearts all around the world. It also gives us a picture of the joyous reality of heaven when believers from every tribe, people, and tongue will join together in worshiping our God forever.

TMU is committed to shepherding international students through challenging cultural transitions, connecting international students with each other for mutual edification, and mobilizing international students to become consistently involved throughout the campus community. International students benefit from a top-ranked, liberal arts curriculum uncompromisingly committed to biblical truth. They also benefit in developing meaningful, life-long relationships with like-minded Christians on campus, and by serving in local churches - expanding their perspectives. Master’s offers a full range of facilities, resources, services, and discipleship, including special tuition and scholarship options which aims to place the tuition within the financial reach of all

No matter the country of origin, our students are united as brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ and share in our love and service to him on- and off-campus, in the classroom, in the dorms, on the field, and in our communities. International students are uniquely prepared to be an ambassador of Jesus Christ in every context to advance the proclamation of the Gospel worldwide, often returning to their home country to do so.

We want you to be a part of this vibrant community and our International Student Office is here to assist our International/TCK Students to make the transition of moving away from home as smooth as possible. See more resources below.

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