Your generosity for Giving Tuesday this year impacts Music, Athletics, and Faculty:

  • The School of Music at TMU serves nearly one-third of all students at the University enrolled as a music major or participating in one of several vocal or instrumental performance ensembles. As students learn alongside fellow musicians and perfect their talents under premier instructors, the true blessing of TMU’s music program is that it is purposed for the glory of Christ. Students are taught that every aspect of music-making is worship to the Lord. They have been gifted with musical ability not as an end to itself, but that they would magnify Christ to themselves and others as they exercise their gifts.

  • Athletics has always been an important element of campus life at TMU, but now with nearly 300 student-athletes competing in 17 different intercollegiate programs, the opportunity to disciple these young followers of Christ has never been greater. Each coach has undertaken the task of training student-athletes to compete as an expression of love toward Christ. They understand that it is the Lord who has given them the ability to compete and their preparation, practice, and performance on the playing field is dependent upon His grace.

  • All that we seek to accomplish at TMU by the Lord’s grace begins and ends with the faithfulness of our beloved faculty to Jesus Christ. Our faculty serve as experts in their fields and accomplished academics, but what makes them distinct in higher education is their united commitment to the authority and inerrancy of Scripture. They have devoted their lives to training the future generations of the church for the glory of Christ and daily model a life of genuine faith for our students.

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