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TMU Fund

Advancing The Master’s University Highest Priority

The TMU Fund is the University’s unrestricted annual fund that represents an ongoing investment in the University’s highest priority: Improving student affordability for every TMU student so that we can execute our mission.

The baseline goal upon which all other ambitions are built is to make The Master’s University affordable for all students. We would like students at TMU to experience their education fully, without having to work additional jobs to cover tuition bills. We endeavor for Alumni to be able to transition to their careers when they graduate, unsaddled by debilitating sums of debt. TMU’s mission necessitates that we seriously address affordability, allowing our students and their families to focus on educational possibilities at TMU rather than a prohibitive price tag.

  • More than 90% of students at TMU rely on scholarship funds in order to attend.
  • The TMU Fund subsidizes the costs of tuition for its students.
  • Your gift equips young men and women for spiritual service and leadership.

In short, the TMU Fund invests in The Master’s University most valuable asset - its students

Hear what students have to say in their own words about what it has meant to be at TMU and how they have been blessed by the generosity of others through financial scholarships.

The primary group of donors who contribute largely to the TMU Fund is the Chancellor’s Circle. Learn more about what it means to be a member.

The Master's University equips young Christian men and women for spiritual service and leadership - on the job, in the home, and through their ministries.

Every class we teach and every degree we confer stand on the foundation of God's Word. Our students acquire knowledge from a biblical perspective, filtering everything they learn through the lens of God's Word. In other words, they gain wisdom to serve and wisdom to lead.

I invite you to join us in training the next generation of Christian leaders.

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