Your generosity for Giving Tuesday this year impacts Student Scholarships, Faculty, and Student Life.

The Master's Global Scholarship

Recruiting the Church’s students

The recruitment of students to TMU is where our fight for the mind begins. We desire to train as many students as possible, knowing they will go on to have significant influence and leadership within the Church and society. The Master’s Global Scholarship was created to attract and support exceptional students from backgrounds most closely aligned with TMU and its doctrinal commitments who might not otherwise be able to attend the University. When you give to this scholarship, you empower more students from around the world to be shepherded and trained for a lifelong commitment to Christ and Scripture.

Faculty - Lydia Endowment

Training for Vocation

Professors in colleges and universities wield considerable influence over the minds of young people. They impart knowledge and inculcate a worldview into the mind of the student. As we know, the modern college classroom can be a dangerous and often disastrous place for our young people. In contrast, the classroom at TMU is a place where faculty train students to submit every thought and discipline unto the Lordship of Christ in any and every vocation they pursue. Our professors have devoted their lives to training future generations of the Church for the glory of Christ. By supporting the Lydia Endowment, you bless TMU in the pursuit of retaining our beloved faculty and providing the means to recruit future faculty who will stand for Christ and His Work.

Student Life

Training for Life

The average time a student spends in the classroom is 15 hours per week. As committed as we are inside the classroom,
we must complement that instruction with equally intentional
training in life. TMU Student Life creates a rich culture
that trains young people to be committed to the Church,
discipleship, evangelism, and joyful relationship with one
another. By supporting our Student Life efforts, you are
contributing to the life-giving culture that solidifies in our
students the convictions necessary for living a godly life.